Tax Day – Discuss What You Will Be Doing with Your Return

It’s April 15th! The official due date for our income taxes!  Have you turned yours in yet? If you received a refund, what did you do with it, or what do you plan on doing? Check out Laura B’s blog “What Fresh Hell is This?” to play a very timely “Choose and Defend”! It’s fun, do it!! That’s an order.

There’s a guy at work who wears particularly interesting ties. Yesterday he wore one that had a design of the painting “The Scream” by Edvard Munch. I told him I liked his tie, and he said he wore it because he had to drop off his taxes that day. Too funny.


10 thoughts on “Tax Day – Discuss What You Will Be Doing with Your Return

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    This year, my taxes came out weird. I am using the refund I will get from the state to pay what I owe to the federal gov. I pretty much break even, which at this point seems fine to me :-)

  2. Ha! I luv that creative tie guy! The only time I really dress up in wild and fun colors at work is during holidays. I have a few coworkers who dress really loud and have shown up in atrocious outfits! But they are entertaining so I say, go ahead.

    I’m practical. My tax refund is going to pay bills. Although, I’m tempted to save it for a nice vacation.

  3. AlienCG: I’m glad you were at least able to get your computer upgraded. It’ll make things easier for you and one less worry.

    Laura B.: That’s good that you can break even! Kind of a relief!

    Churlita: That would be nice, wouldn’t it? Like a backup refund. :)

    Eros: Creative tie guy is always dressed professional, but I like the ties – they add something extra to the whole attire, don’t they?

    KenV: If I don’t have a place to set the money aside, I know I’ll spend mine way too quickly.

  4. We haven’t done ours yet.. we have till the 30th here.. that’s if we owe money.. but I guess there is no deadline if they owe you.. We will use any monies for fixing the car.. possibly a new flatscreen too.. hopefully both..

  5. BabyBull: I’m afraid I’ll have to use some money to fix my car. The brake light blinked on in my car this weekend. Could be a cheap solution, but I’m afraid it’ll turn out to be a pricey fix.

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