(Belated) Office Supply Appreciation Day

Yesterday was Office Supply Appreciation day and I totally spaced. Totally. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite office supplies. Having these things available to me makes me happy.

Pop-Up Post It Notes, especially the ones that are brightly colored!

Pilot Pens – It may sound crazy, but my handwriting is better when I’m using these pens. The ink flows out so nicely until its very last breath. So these are my favorite.

Then there’s the green (or more like turquoise), Swingline stapler. Really, though, any cool colored Swingline stapler will do!

So what are some of your favorite office supplies?


9 thoughts on “(Belated) Office Supply Appreciation Day

  1. I’m with you on the post its and the staplers. I like the Pilot pens, but dang, they always run out of ink real quick for me–I write as much as I type at work. But they do write smooth and easy; just wish they’d last longer.

  2. AlienCG: The only problem with the gel pens I have is that the ink smears a bit.

    Churlita: It certainly should, that’s a huge office necessity!

    Eros: My pen just ran out of ink today, it was quite sad. I’ll have to see if I have more at home.

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