Dedicate the Entire Week to the Donut

A little late, but I am dedicating the rest of this week to the donut. So if you didn’t have a chance to eat a donut yesterday, you have the rest of the week and the weekend to appreciate one or twelve or more donuts!

Someone actually offered me a donut this morning, they were from a small bakery near my mom’s place. I passed up a chocolate donut (only because I know I’d get some on my face or teeth and I don’t want to look like a messy dork up at the reception desk) and picked out a gigantic, glazed one. Very good stuff, people.

That is all for now!


10 thoughts on “Dedicate the Entire Week to the Donut

  1. Glad you extended the donut appreciation.. I have had this week already.. but I have a hnkering for yet another.. maybe a fritter this time..Happy Donut Week!

  2. Babybull: Happy Donut Week to you too!

    Churlita: They’re all good in my book.

    Tim: Exactly!

    Silver: The one I had was very good. I should’ve had milk with it!

    Eros: I agree!

    Manuel: Do it for the cause! :)

    Laura B.: Yay indeed! :)

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