Donut Day (Throw Any Diet You Have Aside and Eat a Donut!)

I haven’t had a donut yet today, maybe that’s why I’m so foggy! If someone did offer me a donut, though, it would have to be either a glazed donut or one of those eclair-type deals with the frosting inside and the chocolate drizzle on top.

If someone approached you today with a cart full of tasty donuts, what kind would you pick? I’ll need your answer in essay form, please. Just kidding (I think), don’t write an essay against your will. Just enjoy a donut today, and don’t worry about its fat content.


10 thoughts on “Donut Day (Throw Any Diet You Have Aside and Eat a Donut!)

  1. I had one yesterday.. Bostom Cream, normally I don’t eat those and haven’t for years.. But it was okay.. If I had to pick.. it would be a toss up between Honey Cruller’s and Blueberry Fritters.

    Super tasty and filled with Blueberry goodness..

  2. mmmmm…I luv glazed donuts, too! They’re my fave!

    The grocery store has a baking dept that makes donuts fresh, and I like getting their dozen of glazed donuts every now and then to eat. Donuts are great, warm or cold!

  3. Ahhhhh!!! I didn’t know it was Donut Day! I’m a donut fiend and I didn’t have one. ;( My fravorite now are sugared glaze and raspberry filled. Back in CA, there was a donut shop that made these cinnamon raisin squares that were cooked perfectly, nice and fluffy with no sign of grease. Still my favorite even though I haven’t had one for 2 years.

  4. Silver: Oo, send me some of that banana creme pie, please!

    Churlita: That’s gracious of you, to take a chocolate glazed donut off of someone’s hands. You’re a good citizen. :)

    BabyBull: I’ve never had a blueberry fritter! That does sound tasty!

    Tim: That’s a good idea, I didn’t get to eat a donut either, but someone offered me one today!

    Laura B: Mmmm, chocolate donuts….aaaaugggghh.

    Eros: There’s a bakery department at our store too, and the donuts always look so inviting.

    KenV: Hi! I think I should’ve dedicated the whole week to donuts!

    AlienCG: Chocolate cream donuts are another favorite of mine. I’ve gotten hold of bad donuts before, there’s be a bad, bitter aftertaste. No more of those, thank you very much.

    NoR: My mom makes donuts from the Pillsbury biscuit packages sometimes. She just fries them up and then throws them in a paper bag filled with sugar and just shakes them up. Very tasty. And sometimes she puts chocolate frosting on them.

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