Monday Meme

So Eros and IDV have been having fun with the following meme, so I thought I’d participate too. If you’re in need of some blogging fun, you should play along too!

Where is your cell/mobile phone?: It is in my purse, poised and ready for anything.

Vehicle?: I have a Silver Ford Escort ZX2 – almost 11 years old. Two new tires and new windshield wipers. I hope that keeps her happy.

Hair?: I’m a brunette, and my hairdo is behaving today.

Father?: I think I inherited my patience from him.

Your favorite thing?: Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

Dream last night?: I don’t remember – I’m not even sure if I slept long enough for a dream.

Favorite drink?: Lemon-flavored club soda. Magically delicious.

Alcoholic drink: Red wine – usually a bottle of Cabernet, just as long as it’s not too bitter and not too sweet.

Room you are in?: The reception area at work.

Your ex?: Are you talking “ex” husband or just “ex” boyfriend? I don’t have an ex husband, never been married. The last ex boyfriend I had is married and on Facebook. Either way, things are as they should be…or something like that!

You are?: Sleepily happy.

What do you want to be in ten years?: I’d like to continue being myself ten years from now. That would be awesome.

Who did you hang out with today?: I haven’t really hung out with anyone yet today. I have choir rehearsal tonight, though.

What you’re not?: Cranky

One of your wish list items?: A laptop computer with all the fixins.

Where is the ____ ?: Food? It’s at Chez Tara.

The last thing you did?: Transferred a call successfully!

What are you wearing?: Knee-high black boots, a maroon skirt and a white shirt….and earrings, necklace, bracelet, glasses, etc..etc..

Your pet(s)?: Sleeping peacefully, I’m sure. I envy her at the moment.

Your computer?: Is probably doing its own thing while I’m at work.

Your life?: Is all mine.

Your mood?: Slightly mellow with a twist of unnecessary nervousness.

Missing?: My bed

What are you thinking about right now?: My bed, because I’m missing it.

Your shoes?: Boots today.

Your work?: Interesting and sometimes engaging.

Your summer?: Hopefully it’ll be free of any bad drama.

Your favorite color?: Cerulean blue


9 thoughts on “Monday Meme

  1. I loved your answer for “The last thing you did”! I know how you feel – Our phones at work are so complicated that it feels like I’ve conjured up a field full of white rabbits on the few occasions that I’ve successfully transferred a call, too.

  2. I luv your answers!

    I totally agree with Laura B! I can picture you at work doing your own thing! And I’m with you and IDV; it sure feels good when a transferred call goes thru!

    Your cerulean blue answer made me think of The Devil Wears Prada! And you’re certainly dressed very nice for work.

    I hope you got something to eat and you get some sleep after choir!

  3. I may have to do this one.

    Your favorite color answer makes me thing of an episode of the X-Files. Long story, trust me.

    If I do post it, it will be Wednesday since tomorrow’s is ready to go.

  4. Laura B: Thanks! Yeah, there I was in my professional attire, answering phones and filling out a meme. :) Meanwhile, some kind of drama was going on in another department, and it looked pretty serious and interesting!

    Churlita: I hope we both have drama-free Summers! Filled with lots of fun and friends.

    IDV: Hey there! Yeah, I’m always afraid I’ll accidentally hang up on someone and then get in trouble for it. But if it’s really THAT important, they’ll call back, right? Or even better, assume that we were accidentally disconnected.

    BabyBull: A meme is a lifesaver to us bloggers, isn’t it? Like a “Use for emergency” tool. :)

    Eros: Ha, yeah I thought of “The Devil Wears Prada” too. I will never call it “stuff” again. “Guard your loins!”

    AlienCG: That particular color is a popular subject in movies and TV, I guess!

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