Uneven Brownies

Hey, I’ve been having another blogging drought again over at the Spaghetti that is Eclectic. Time for more bullet points!

– I spent a good fifteen minutes on the phone with an instructor the other day, trying to convince him that the person who he left a voice mail message for would call him back when she’s able, and that he hadn’t said or done anything to upset the person. Poor guy sounded like me on an overly sensitive day, only I’ve learned to just keep those thoughts in my head. Which is soooo healthy, right? I asked him what he thought he had said to upset her, and he said, “Oh nothing…” Then he told me he had sent her an email too. I told him it sounded like he had covered all bases and that she would certainly get the message that he needs to talk to her, so he felt better and was able to hang up with more confidence. Whew! My coworkers had been listening to the whole thing, and one of them said, “You were a lot nicer than I would’ve been!” The guy was nice, though, just difficult to convince that he hadn’t upset anyone. The next day I talked to the person he was trying to get a hold of, and she said he had left two voicemail messages and had sent two emails to her, and what he thought was such a terrible thing was not terrible at all. I hope he feels better now.

– Some cranky diva-man sent me a message the other day, complaining that the person who was up at the front desk in the evening didn’t know what he was talking about when he asked a question. I wasn’t the one up at the front desk at the time, but I was the reason why the person who was up at the front desk didn’t know what the diva-man was talking about. He said he would rather email me the info than talk to “another clueless secretary”. Ugh, such a sweet talker. I set him straight, but I should’ve been more abrupt. He’s on my shitlist now, though. I’m sure he’s shaking in his diva boots.

– Since one of my coworkers gave me a brownie last week, I wanted to return the favor and decided to buy some brownie mix. I mixed it up and baked it last night. The brownies didn’t pop out of the pan as perfectly as I wanted, and I was afraid people would reject torn-up brownies (I wouldn’t, but others might). Now that I think about it, it’s kind of funny. But my thoughts were different last night. Anyway, I squared them off and brought them to work. Turns out, the guy who gave me a brownie won’t be in today until after I leave. Phooey. But another guy came in earlier this week and offered me a chocolate-covered pretzel from Malley’s. He’ll be here later on. So far, though, the people who have had a brownie (or two) have approved. One of my coworkers turned one down because they weren’t “special”. I said “The only ‘special’ ingredient is chocolate.” “Nope, that’s not the ingredient I’m looking for.” Ha. Ha.

Let’s see….well aside from the ridiculous diva-man, it was a good week! Interesting and stuff. This weekend will involve going to a garage sale with my mom and then watching some movies I rented from Netflix: “Role Models” (which I watched the other night because I needed to watch something silly and stupid) and “Frost/Nixon”. “Role Models” was actually pretty good, except I watched the “unrated” version which contained almost every swearword in the book. They give you an option on the DVD to pick the theater version or the unrated. I doubt, though, that the other option is more tame. I still liked the movie, though.

What weekend plans do you have?


9 thoughts on “Uneven Brownies

  1. I chuckled at the diva-guy.. that is kinda funny.. Love the nicknames you come up with for some of these people..

    Chocolate brownies are yummy .. I saw Role Models and it was an okay movie.. I don’t think I watched the unrated version tho..

    No real plans this weekend.. Might take LHM and C.C and Momma J swimming Saturday!

  2. AlienCG: Hey congrats, Roadie! Take some photos! Have a great time and a great weekend!

    BabyBull: I’m watching the regular version now and I haven’t caught the differences yet. :P Have fun swimming with LHM and Momma J this weekend!

    Tim: Muah ha ha…..Buy a mix and make some for yourself and your coworkers! They’ll love you for it!

  3. Ha! Everyone luvs free food! Esp. brownies!

    There’s always a rude, annoying customer that you have to deal with at work. You handled it right–by being professional. Sometimes, I get a kick out of staying calm, cool, and collected while dealing with an annoying customer. It’s especially gratifying when they realize what a jackass they’re being because they look an idiot instead of an adult. Kill ’em with kindness works wonders sometimes :)

    And I like how you handed that one instructor’s concerns. Sometimes, you just go the extra mile for people who need some peace of mind.

  4. You are very good with people, Tara, the insecure and the diva-prone :-)
    I would have totally eaten your chocolate brownies and yes, I am now craving them.
    I haven’t see Frost/Nixon yet, but I thought Role Models was quite cute and funny. I’m a sucker for a comedy that is a little sweet..and a little nasty.

  5. Eros: I get that same satisfaction out of showing a cranky person that I’m not rattled by their attitude.

    By the time my conversation with the instructor was ready to wrap up, I couldn’t help laughing with him a bit. He sounds like a nice enough guy.

    Silver: I remember having a few friends like that when I was younger, and it was kind of exhausting trying to reason with them after awhile.

    FW: I’m so glad you had a good weekend! The brownies were good, I did my own taste test. :)

    Laura B.: Thank you so much! Yeah, if you could wade through all of the sex jokes in Role Models, it was actually a pretty cute, funny movie! Twisted funny, too!

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