Amusing Music

Went to choir practice last night, here are a few notes….Ha, get it? Notes? Musical notes? Ahem..:

– The Cackler is the same. Last week my friend actually asked her if she could switch seats so that she, my friend, could sit next to me. The Cackler seemed a little huffy about it, but just went with it.  Unfortunately, the seating arrangement was back to the original this time around. Next time, and I know I’ve said this before, I’m gonna have to see if I can switch seats. Get there earlier or something.

– I told you that our choir director had a skiing accident and suffered a concussion, right? He’s fine. But then last night he told us, and showed us that he had a splint on his ankle because he twisted or sprained it while playing baseball with his son. Then later on during practice he almost fell off the stool he was sitting on. I am a bit fearful of him directing us on stage in May. He almost fell off during rehearsal last time. The Cackler spoke up (way up) and shouted, “WE NEED TO COVER EVERYTHING WITH BUBBLEWRAP! *CACKLE*!!” I have to painfully admit it was a funny idea. It probably would’ve been funnier coming out of someone else’s mouth, though.

– We practiced songs from “The Lion King”, which are a little trickier than what we first perceived. Our director questioned the complexity of the one song, and one of my other friends spoke up and said, “Well you have to remember this was sung by a bunch of animals.” Then someone else replied, “What do you expect from a pride of lions?” Yup, lions can be pretty complex and wily with their music. It’s a fact.


9 thoughts on “Amusing Music

  1. I love hearing about “The Cackler”.. it makes me laugh at her absurb behavior.. She now wants to be known as “The Not-So-Funny Chick”

  2. Since you mentioned Lion King, now every time I’ll read about the Cackler, I’m going to imagine her as one of the hyenas!

    She probably didn’t want to switch seats because she’s jealous that she has no friends in choir who want to sit next to her! Misery loves company!

    Your poor director. I hope he has good health insurance. And I hope he gets well soon.

  3. NoR: I did record one of our practices once and caught her on tape too. If I remember, I’ll take my mini recorder to practice next Monday!

    Silver: I do too, we don’t sing everything in it, but we do sing “Circle of Life” and “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”. Great songs!

    Churlita: Yes, the other members certainly make up for it! The choir director does too.

    Laura B: Thanks! Yup, we can be just as wily! :)

    BabyBull: I’m glad you like my true-life stories about the Cackler/Not-So-Funny Chick! :)

    Eros: Ha! She’d be perfect as a hyena! She’s got the laughing down for sure!

    Someone else who used to sit next to her decided one day to sit in an entirely new row. Hmm, makes you think!

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