“Hippitus Hoppitus Deus Domine”

Hey everyone! Happy belated Easter to ya! How did the weekend turn out? Did you eat ham, color eggs and hide Easter baskets?

Saturday was pretty tame, my mom came over for a bit and we checked out something on the computer that she had a question about, and then we watched “The Blind Side”. We watched it during my birthday party a few weeks ago and really liked it, so I bought it at the store. It’s a very good movie, Sandra Bullock deserved that Oscar.

On Sunday we went to Applebee’s for our Easter dinner and met up with my brother and his family. Very good food, as usual, and my mom didn’t need to jab a fork into someone’s leg or forehead. Good times indeed! I had their “trios”, where you can get three dishes all in one. I had quesadilla steak towers, mozzerella sticks and shrimp. My stomach was very satisfied. We all went back to my brother’s place afterwards and celebrated my nephew’s birthday. My brother had picked out some Easter cupcakes with marshmallow peeps on each one. The two of us…um….helped take care of some of the peep population.

This morning just before my alarm was supposed to go off, I woke up and heard the fan stop and everything was quiet. And dark. I was thankful that my cellphone alarm was still on, but I was already awake. Instead of ransacking my place looking for my flashlight, I just used the bright glow from my cellphone to guide me through morning rituals. Eventually there was enough light outside so that I could make my bed without the help from my cellphone. I’m hoping the juice is back on when I go home for lunch.


10 thoughts on ““Hippitus Hoppitus Deus Domine”

  1. NoR: They’re great little tools!

    Churlita: I have no idea why it was off, it wasn’t really windy or stormy this morning, although I did hear a bit of rumbling later on. Could be another one of those lovely apartment quirks. There’s at least one in every building it seems.

    LB: When I went home for lunch, everything was back up and running! Yay!

  2. I’m glad your mum didn’t need to go all ninja assassin this time around.

    Actually, no I’m not; her aggressive tendencies should be encouraged – Muwahahahaha!!!

  3. I already blogged about our awesome weekend fun..

    I don’t think there is an Applebee’s here.. I would have to check it out though..

    Glad you had a nice quiet Easter!

  4. Tim: Her inner ninja does need to be released more often, it’s true! If not for her sake, at least for the sake of family entertainment.

    BabyBull: I’ll trade one of our Applebee’s for one of your Tim Horton’s! Deal? :)

    Silver: It did suck, especially so early in the morning and on a work day. But thankfully it was back by the time I came home for lunch.

  5. Sounds like you had a great Easter weekend. I luv quesadillas! And I do like going to Appleby’s (I alternate them with Chili’s and some other places) every now and then. Those peeps cupcakes sound delicious! I want one now (okay, maybe two or more).

    That cellphone light is handy. Glad your power is back on. You can only eat so many cold and canned foods. At least you had enough natural light to do what you need to get ready for work. And it’s great that your power is back on so soon.

  6. Eros: I have a good memory of Chili’s, a few of my online friends and I met there when we all visited South Carolina and met up for the first time. Lots of fun and laughter was involved!

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