Out With The Old, In With the New Day

– I have moved out of my old office at work and am stationed at my new spot in my new job for a whole week now. It’s quite a new experience, I’m seeing and hearing a lot, and it’s very interesting (and by interesting I mean that I’m learning about gossip). I’ve also noticed that I have laughed more at this job than I did when I was stuffed back in the corner office. If I wanted to speak to someone when I was stuffed way back in the corner, I’d have to go to them, because they’d rarely stop by my office to chat. So sad, right? :) Not anymore! I get plenty of visitors, and the students who work for us are experts at teasing and pestering.

– Yesterday I awarded myself the Ditz Award. Did you know there was one out there? Well there is now and, back off, I have the award for now. One of my new responsibilities is to check out the appointments for that day and enter the names on the scrolling marquee thingy on the wall. Yesterday I saw the name “Vicky* Starts”, thinking that was a new appointment. So I entered it, and it started scrolling. My coworker looked up at it, thought for a second and then started laughing. Then we both realized that a “Vicky Starts” did not exist, it was actually the first day of a new hire, and her name was Vicky. So someone put in on the calender that Vicky “Starts”. I just figured it was a full name. Just like we have a student who’s last name is actually Student. I kid you not. Anyway, we had a good laugh over it, and shared the story with our other coworkers who were just as amused.

– Earlier this week, an instructor came by and had to be told, by me, that I’m no longer in the other office. “So nobody’s back in that department anymore?” I corrected him and said, “Yes, there’s Steve* and Rob*!” Then he grinned and said, “Well that’s what I mean. You were the only one who was helpful back there.” I could’ve gone all protective over the guys and told the instructor that they are the most dependable people I’ve ever worked with, but a) my nose would’ve started to grow, b) I’m not their keeper or their best friend, and c) I enjoyed feeling like he depended on me, and just wanted to accept the compliment. I feel like, now that I’m in this new position, more people have been supportive, helpful and social.

– My now former manager came up to the desk last week after I had walked him through one of the more detailed, tedious processes I used to handle, and said that he has a totally new respect for what I did. So that made me feel good too.

– We had another graduation ceremony last night. I’m still in charge of that process, and there is usually at least one glitch that happens during either setup or during the ceremony, but most of it went really well. The microphone had issues that I wasn’t aware of until the ceremony began, but it wasn’t a mistake on my part, because I had tested the thing beforehand and I had witnesses. Hehe. Couldn’t be helped, really. Next time I’ll just have to check that little detail again as well. Also,  one of the grads decided she wasn’t going to wear a graduation robe. Don’t worry, she wasn’t naked, but she wore her street clothes, her cap and her tassel. I found out about this problem while they were proceeding into the ceremony. It was a little irritating, only because I imagined a coworker blaming me for the missing robe. But the graduate had plenty of time to talk to someone in our department if she had issues with the robe that was given to her. No excuse.

– After the ceremony, even with the problem about the microphone, a relative of one of the grads stepped up to me and told me I did a great job. My manager, too, was pleased and the manager from another department didn’t give me any crap about the microphone. Verra nice!

– Since I worked three hours over my shift for graduation, I can leave three hours earlier today. Hip, hip hooray! The sun is out, it’s really nice and I’m going to go walking after work.

* denotes names that have been changed to protect the innocent and not-so-innocent


12 thoughts on “Out With The Old, In With the New Day

  1. That sounds so awesome how you’re enjoying your new job and people not only appreciate you more now, but there’s a new found respect from your old boss–guess now they’re seeing what your boss’s boss saw in you, a fantastic, valuable team member! So far, it sounds like you’re having fun and the new position has been a good change.

    And I’m glad you’re getting better hours and more free time to enjoy the fun things in life.

  2. I think it is great that your new job is more informal and social than your old job. I am also really glad to hear that you are appreciated, although a bit belated in some ways.
    Have a great Easter, Tara! Out with the old and in with the new!

  3. Churlita: Leaving early is the second best thing to having a day off, isn’t it?

    Silver: Thank you, I hope I continue to like it too!

    NoR: Thank you! :)

    Eros: It’ll be interesting to see how they learn other things I took care of in that department. Too much to put into notes for them, but I’ll try! But yes I felt very appreciated. :)

    Laura: Happy Easter to you too, LB! Thank you so much! :)

  4. Hurrah! Glad to hear the new position is going well!!

    And just out of interest, why didn’t that girl want to wear a gown? It seems a bit of an odd request – particularly as everyone else would be!

  5. Tim: Well my coworker claims she did it just to be stubborn and different. I’m thinking that maybe the robe she had picked up previously didn’t fit her correctly. If that was the case, though, she had plenty of time before graduation to get it replaced. Interesting people, hardly ever a dull moment!

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