An April Shower of Eclectic Days!

Hey everyone! It’s April! Thank you again for all of your mahvelous holiday suggestions! Here is a photo of a beautiful rainbow, since April showers bring May flowers, and sometimes rain, combined with sunshine presents a rainbow.

1. Play a Joke on a Friend (Safely) – April Fool’s Day
2. Out With The Old, In With the New Day
3. Garden Planning Day
4. Sticky Keyboard Awareness Day! (When the Keyboard has a Mind of Its Own)
5. Act Like a Rabbit for 24 Hours (And Only Eat Carrots)
6. Laura’s Very Merry Un-Birthday Day!
7. Post a Picture of What Spring Means to You
8. Treat Your Brain to a Vacation Today
9. 1980s Horror Film Day
10. Fruit Pudding Day
11. High Five Friday (Make Up Your Own Interpretation)
12. What I’m Listening To Right Now
13. Donut Day (Throw Any Diet You Have Aside and Eat a Donut!)
14. Office Supply Appreciation Day
15. Tax Day – Discuss What You Will Be Doing with Your Return
16. Sing “Son of a Preacher Man” Throughout the Day (Dusty Springfield’s Birthday)
17. Be Dramatic All Day Today
18. Do Your Laundry While Listening to Music Today (First laundromat opened in Fort Worth Texas, 1934)
19. Lie Down on the Grass and Look Up at the Sky Day
20. Post a Photo from LOLCats on Your Blog Day
21. Pretend You’re Royalty and Wave at the Peasants Public (Queen Elizabeth II’s Birthday)
22. Girl Scout Leader Appreciation Day
23. Administrative Professionals Day (Formerly Professional Secretaries Day)
24. Jamming Jan’s Birthday (BabyBull’s BFF!)
25. Make Dramatic Entrances and Speak in a Gravely Voice Today (Al Pacino’s Birthday 1940)
26. Share Your Memories of Serving on Jury Duty Today
27. Create Your Own Music Countdown for the Week (Casey Kasem’s Birthday – 1932)
28. Be Silly All Day Today
29. Watch a “Seinfeld” Episode (or two or three) Today (Jerry Seinfeld’s Birthday – 1954)
30. April Showers Brings May Flowers Day!


5 thoughts on “An April Shower of Eclectic Days!

  1. BabyBull: Happy April to you too! And have a Happy Easter!

    Churlita: Oh yeah, with this new position I’m in I’m noticing more people who celebrate that day year-round! :D

    Laura B: It is gonna be a fun month! And only 30 days this time!

    Tim: I think I’ll be celebrating that one in advance.

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