April Ideas!

Hey everyone! April will be here later this week! Wow, right? Who woulda thunk it? If you have any holiday ideas to celebrate next month, please feel free to share them with the rest of the class!

I apologize for my lack of blogging lately. I’ve had a bit of blogger’s block and I feel like I have to force myself to do it. When one has to force themselves to blog, that’s not good. So I can’t say I’m completely back, but I did want to do a shout out for holiday ideas. I always love what you come up with for the eclectic calendar!

Here’s a photo for you, taken back in October:



12 thoughts on “April Ideas!

  1. April Showers Brings May Flowers Day!

    April Fools Day (that’s a given) Play a practical joke on a friend!

    24th is my BFFs Birthday Jamming Jan.. (She isn’t a blogger but I blog about her..)

    Out With The Old With The New Day!

    that’s all I could come up with..

  2. Gorgeous photo! I can understand the blogger’s block, I haven’t been the best with it lately as well :)

    How about a holiday where one has to act like a rabbit for 24 hours. And only eat carrots.

  3. April is one of my family’s few birthday free months! Maybe there should be a Very Merry Un-Birthday Day :-)

    “Post a picture of what Spring means to you” day.

    Hmmm….that’s alls I gots. My brain is slower than usual today. Maybe I need “Brain Vacation” day….

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