My Own Belated Birthday Post

Hey everyone! Well yesterday I turned 36 years old. Yay! Thank you very, very much for all of the fantastic comments, Facebook messages, greeting cards and virtual birthday cakes! I feel very blessed to be friends with all of you. Hugs all around!

Yesterday I really didn’t do that much, but I did do a bit of grocery shopping for a little gathering I’m having on Saturday night. One of my brothers sent me a giftcard to Walmart (he certainly knows me), so I bought the movie “Hitman” (I saw the movie on TV a few days ago and really liked it), George Michael’s old “Faith” CD (I had it in cassette version but I think I lost it) and a gigantic, Reece’s peanut butter cup Easter egg. I didn’t think I’d ever get tired of peanut butter and chocolate, but that egg did it for me for awhile.

The rest of the day was spent playing Super Mario Brothers on the Wii, thinking in the back of my head that I should really focus on getting my apartment tidied up for Saturday, but then rationalizing that my birthday doesn’t come around everyday and that I should do whatever I damn well wanna do! I certainly showed my adult side who’s boss.

Now today was a little different. Had to drive my mom to the eye doctor’s office for a checkup, and then once we were done and back over at her place, we had lunch and I headed home. I had a 2pm appointment at a local spa for a one hour massage! I’ve never had a professional massage before, and I was pretty excited about it.

I learned that massage tables aren’t as soft as regular beds. She told me to get ready and then leave the door open a crack to let her know that I was ready. So I opened the door up a crack and then kind of threw myself on the table, thinking it would be bouncy and soft. Nope…well it wasn’t bad, but it really was more of a table than a bed. There was soft music playing and the lights were all dim. Once the massage started, it really felt good, especially when she handled my neck. Then she did my arms and my legs. Now when she massaged my legs, she hit the deep muscles and I realized that I’m ticklish around those muscles. She also massaged my back, and under the rib area. That is another funny spot for me. My youngest brother’s calling card when we were younger was to sneak up behind me, take his fingers and jab me in the ticklish, reflex spot under my ribs. It was startling, and when I jumped it made him laugh. One time when I was a kid I was reaching up for something in the cupboard. He came up and jabbed me. As a reflex, my arms came down, but on the way I banged my elbow against the cooler that was sitting on the sink. He just laughed and said, “Ooo, ouch! You okay?” I think the situation made me laugh the pain away. By the way, who dared call the bone on our elbow the “funny bone”?

Anyway, the massage felt great, but it went way too fast. I felt loose and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. I must learn to ask for those types of gifts more often.

Here is a photo of me with some of my friends when I had a party at McDonald’s oh so long ago. I’m the one at the table with the yellow shirt. I’d say I’m the one with the goofy face, but we all had goofy faces in this shot..


13 thoughts on “My Own Belated Birthday Post

  1. I’m so glad you made the grown up Tara back off on your birthday! Sounds like you had a good day.
    I still haven’t used my massage gift card. I have always wanted a massage, but I am feeling shy or something about using it. I’m not sure why.
    Anyway, one more happy birthday for good measure :-) Have a great time at your Saturday gathering and remember to feel just like the little girl in the photo whenever you can :-)

  2. Glad you had a great day, Tara! The massage sounds lovely – I’ve only ever had five-minute ones after bike rides, but I’ve often thought about going and having a proper one.

    I’m such a girl.

    Thanks for the heads up about not hurling myself onto the table though!

    Anyway, have an awesome time at your party/gathering!

  3. Our Birthday’s are for doing what we want.. glad you took over and relaxed and played your new game as well as the massage.. sounds very relaxing.. enjoy your gathering tonight and wakeup with a well-earned hangover..

  4. Laura B: I didn’t feel shy about the massage until she called me into the room. But then I was fine. Go figure, you’d think I would be incredibly apprehensive about it!

    Silver: It was really nice, I just wish that hour hadn’t gone by so fast!

    Tim: You should go for a longer massage! And yeah, just remember to avoid swan diving into the massage table that looks like a bed. It’ll hurt.

    BabyBull: Thank you! I actually did not drink enough for a hangover the next day! In fact I woke up early and felt pretty good!

    Eros: Thank ya! Both parties (that one and the one I had last night) were fun!

    IDV: Thanks, IDV! :)

    FW: Thank you! It was really nice!

    Suze: Oo, cool, enjoy your upcoming massage!

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