Periods of Fog….and the Weather’s Foggy Too.

I am one tired tamale. But get this – I’m done for the week! I requested tomorrow and Friday off, so I have an extended weekend. I even started my vacation off by taking a long, hot bath. I love baths, but this one was incredibly welcoming and relaxing. Here’s what’s been going on:

My cousin died on Friday, she was the one we visited on St. Patrick’s Day, in her late stages of cancer. We were told that the funeral would be held on Monday, so I called off work. Then we found out the funeral was going to be held on Tuesday, but that friends and family would be welcomed on Monday. We decided to stick to the Monday plan. It was rainy, cold and dreary, and the funeral home was 40 minutes away. But once we got there we stayed awhile and then headed home.

My mom figured, since we were near a shopping mall we usually visit, that she could buy my birthday present at the store and then treat me to an early birthday lunch. She bought me Super Mario Brothers for the Wii and then we had some great food at The Macaroni Grill. I’m loving Super Mario Bros., by the way.

I returned to work on Tuesday, starting my new 7:30am to 4:30pm shift. On Monday night I was determined to go to bed at 10pm in order to wake up bright and early. Nature had other plans, and put on a light show and thunderstorm outside of my window. Don’t get me wrong, I love thunderstorms, especially when I’m safe at home and able to relax and watch it all. And I did enjoy the idea of an early storm, but I needed to get to sleep. Eventually, I think, I fell asleep. Then the next night I was more determined to watch “Hitman” and “Justified” on TV than to get to bed at a decent time. When I did go to bed, my mind kept working and I didn’t get to sleep right away.

Which brings me to today, and I spent half of the day clearing out my office, making sure things are able to be stored elsewhere. I didn’t feel I was finished until 6pm. I left feeling relieved, exhausted and finished.

Tomorrow I’ll just be running a few errands and straightening up Chez Tara. But I’ll be doing all that one year older! What a way to bring in a birthday, right? Don’t panic, because on Friday afternoon I am scheduled for a free, one hour massage. Then on Saturday I’m having a little gathering for my belated birthday party. Just a handful of awesome girlfriends who I haven’t seen in awhile. So that’s my plan for the weekend.

What are you plannin’ on? I hope you all have a fun weekend!


12 thoughts on “Periods of Fog….and the Weather’s Foggy Too.

  1. Wow! You did have a busy week! You’ve earned that bath and the long weekend.

    I’m sorry to hear about the passing of your cousin. I’m glad you were able to spend some time with her before she passed on. Now she’s at peace.

    I just want to say Happy Birthday, Tara!!!


    Cheers and Best wishes for many more years of good company, good friends, and good times.

    Enjoy your long birthday weekend!

  2. Sorry to hear about your cousin.. it makes it much sadder when the weather is awful..

    Happy Birthday to you Mizz Tara.. Have a awesome Birthday and that lunch sounds scrumptious..

  3. I’m sorry about your cousin, Tara. It is good you got a chance to see her so recently.
    Congratulations on starting your new, less pressure-y job!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Make sure to come by my blog to get your cake :-D

  4. Eros: Thank you, yeah we were very grateful that we got to see her that day. I think she knew we were there, too.

    And THANK YOU for the birthday cheers and wishes! I am really enjoying my little vacation!

    BabyBull: Thank you so much! :) The birthday lunch was delicious. I had fettuccine alfredo with bruscetta and my mom had a pasta dish with huge shrimp on it!

    Churlita: Thank you! :) It was a very nice gift for myself, these two days off and then the weekend! It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    Laura B: Thanks, I doubt I’ll miss the pressure from my old job! I like the idea of transferring someone who I usually had to deal with to one of my former coworkers. Muah ha ha. >:)

    And thank you I will buzz over to your blog soon! Yay, a cake all for me! I’ll share, of course. :) Thank you so much!!

    BabyBull: Aw! Thank you! Wow, two virtual cakes? Good thing I’m not dieting this weekend! Course virtual cake isn’t filled with any bad calories, so it should all be good. :D

    Tim: Thank you, I really appreciate that, and I’ll pass your message on to my mom and my family. Thank you!

    AlienCG: Send my birthday wishes to your mom, will you? I hope she has a fun day. And thank you for the birthday wish!

  5. I’m sorry about your cousin, and I guess the changes at work weren’t exactly cheerful…but now you’ll get a chance to relax. I hope you have a nice Birthday today (and sorry for posting about a gazillion times on your facebook wall!)

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