The Dealeo Yo

On Friday, about a half hour before I could go home, my manager’s manager came in and told me she needed to see me before I left for the weekend. I asked her if everything was okay and she said in a part chipper, part sad tone, “Yeah!….Well….we’ll talk.” I couldn’t focus on work after that, I wondered what she needed to talk to me about, and the gears in my head, along with the gears in my stomach, started to churn. Was I in trouble? No, if I was in trouble, she wouldn’t have sounded positive at all. Hm. Thankfully for my own sanity I was finally able to meet with her in her office.

My position, the one I’ve been working in for almost 8 years now, will no longer exist. Our other locations around the country have dropped that specific position as well, and the word “restructure” was mentioned. Once she said “restructure” and “changes”, I knew what was happening. I would have to move on.

Or would I? She offered me another position that had been open for about a month now. Let’s see….leave the company and try to find another job in the midst of this sucky economy or transition smoothly into a position in the same location where I won’t need very much training? Hmm! I felt very appreciated, though, she said she wanted to hold off telling me about the “restructure” until she found some possible jobs within the company. She didn’t want to lose me as an employee! There would be a severe dip in pay, I will be a receptionist, but she fought for that to be increased as well. I won’t be making what I am now, and I suppose that will be an adjustment for me, but I will certainly manage. Plus, I just opened up a savings account last weekend and put my tax refunds in there. Could be a “rainy day” fund or still a “Tara needs a new car” fund. Anyway, she gave me the weekend to think about it, and I did, but I had already decided what I was going to do.  It became a better idea the more I thought about it, too. I wouldn’t have to answer to the department I’m in now, won’t have to deal with my coworker’s drama, at least not as much! There will be so many things I won’t have to worry about when I’m in the new position, and they won’t have to worry about bringing in a totally new person to train. Plus – no more late nights! Woot! No more being tucked away in a corner office, wondering if I’ve been forgotten (although with a friend of mine teaching next door during those nights, it was much easier and I didn’t feel so isolated). No Saturdays! Woot exponentially! Not that I was constantly working Saturdays, but it was still a pain.Oh, and I won’t have to interview for the position! I just mosey right on in there!

Anyway, I could make a long list of things that I won’t have to do anymore, but I’ll just end with the fact that I’m glad I made my decision to stay. The few people who know so far have told me they’re happy with my decision too. I’m excited! What a feeling, right?


14 thoughts on “The Dealeo Yo

  1. Wow, Tara. Well, like you said, the news could be worse. I am really sorry about the job shift and the change in pay, but like you said, at least they offered you something else and you don’t have to job search. Are you still going to look around?

  2. How about that? You definitely have someone looking out for you!

    That is some big change! But I’m so glad that what could’ve been a disaster is actually turning out to be a blessing in disguise. You still have a job; thought it might not pay as much, you’ll have other forms of compensation like weekends off and less stress!

    I once left a company that offered me a higher pay for a manager position. My old manager quit and I was asked to pick up a lot of the slack! No one else wanted the job–they just complained! They bumped up my pay, but it wasn’t worth all that stress! I was in an interim position and they wanted to make me permanent, but I hated all that stress and extra work, not to mention the office politics were driving me crazy! Coworkers were either sucking up or trying to manipulate me. And though I did make a few changes that would ease workplace stress and streamline our operations, it wasn’t where I wanted to be. I wasn’t happy, even if the pay was a lot more. The company was aware that I was leaving in a month and they tried to make me stay. I am definitely glad that I followed through with my plans and left the company on good terms. I took other jobs that paid a lot less, but I was much more happier, with less stress and more free time to do the things that I enjoy!

    You really are a very valuable employee for your boss’s boss to come out and see you personally, and they fought for you to stay and get a better package in the new job. Congratulations, Tara! I’m glad to see that you’re adjusting well and making the most of the situation. You are doing the right thing, and I’m so happy for you!

  3. Of course they value you! It sounds, all in all, like this could work out very well for you. The (slightly?) less pay is compensated by say less stress it sounds like. Congratulations, Tara :-)

  4. Well, that’s really nice of your manager to fight for you and give you another position off the bat. The cut in salary won’t be fun, but it’ll tide you over until the economy gets back into shape, then maybe you’ll find something new.

  5. Pay cut aside, it sounds like you’re really looking forward to this new position! It’s great that they appreciate you so much, and they clearly recognise how awesome you are, so good for you!!

  6. Manuel: Thanks, yeah I’m going to see how I take to the new job. I think I will like it!

    FW: Yes, I was happy to find out that they wanted me to stay on board!

    Eros: I have no idea why your comments turned up in my Spam folder! No worries, I fixed it! Thank you so much for the comment. People have suggested I take a manager’s job, but there is no way in hell I’d want that kind of stress! I know myself and I am not destined for management.

    NoR: Thanks! I’m hoping this position will be a good match for me.

    Laura B: Thank you! :) I’m thinking there will be a huge decrease in stress!

    Silver: Exactly – and I still have a paycheck coming in, which is better than having the pressure of my severance package running out.

    Churlita: I think I’ll manage with the decrease in pay, and I can always find a part-time job doing something fun.

    Tim: Thank you, I appreciate that! I felt very appreciated that day, when I realized she wasn’t ready to let me go. :)

  7. They say with change comes responsibility.. and you obviously have proven your worth over that 8 yrs.. and congrats .. despite the pay cut and change in position.. you have managed to do what some haven’t been able to do.. which is keep your job.. You should be proud of all your hard work.. Yeah to no more weekends and yeah to no more drama..*fingers crossed*..he he.. we are all proud of you Mizz Tara!

  8. Sorry to hear that your job is going away, but you have made a smart decision. You could have ended up in a situation like mine which you don’t want. It’s nice to know that you’re appreciated around there. Of course, you may have to quit the country club and cut down to every other weekend on the French Riviera.

  9. BabyBull: Aw, thank you! I guess an office without drama isn’t as exciting, so I would like to be a witness to a little drama, but nothing to do with me. :)

    AlienCG: Thanks, I do hope you find something soon that you really enjoy. I’ll have to get rid of my butler and the yacht I own. Damn.

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