A Belated “Show and Tell”

Hey, I forgot to mention that I had an impulse to get a haircut this past weekend. Not a drastic one, but I wanted the split ends trimmed off. But it’s tricky for me to go to a salon and tell them I just want “a little” trimmed off. I look at the photos on the wall and in the magazines and feel compelled to go wild. But this time I think I was pretty conservative. I’m not sure I’ll go to that place again, I got suckered into buying a hair product. The salon I usually go to doesn’t push stuff on me. They also didn’t tell me I was “shedding”. Woof….Or rather…GRR. But as a friend once said about something totally different, “But there’s a silver lining!” I like my new hairdo, and feel I got my money’s worth. I got one compliment from a female coworker, but nobody else bothered. Screw whoever doesn’t like my new style. I like it, and that’s all that matters!

Flashback – I got my hair cut really short once, and when I went into work, my coworker at the time looked at me wide-eyed. I said, “Yeah, I got my hair cut.” She raised one eyebrow and said, “Yeah, I noticed.” Incidentally, she was the same one who told our receptionist, “Tara should work weekends, she doesn’t have a life.”…..Can someone tell me again why I friended her on Facebook?? Ack….Let it go, let it go.

Anyway, here is my haircut. Pay no attention to the lack of lipstick, I was pretty much done for the day – no makeup.

Also during the weekend, I succumbed to my impulse to buy useless crap….again….at Walmart. There was a stand specifically for St. Patrick’s Day stuff. I am about 70% Irish. Then English, Scottish and German. So I felt the need to celebrate the Irish side of my heritage by buying a green wig. Not for going out drinking, but for blogging purposes. That’s how I do things. Because of my wig purchasing impulses, I now have four wigs in my collection. Here is my St. Patrick’s Day wig:

Patty O'Furniture


6 thoughts on “A Belated “Show and Tell”

  1. The hair looks great–very bouncy and shiny. That does suck when people get pushy and try to sell ya stuff ya don’t need, and they insult you in the process! The nerve!

    And that snooty coworker from earlier was just jealous! Jealous because you looked fab and you had a life! Why should you give up your weekends? She was just mad that you had free time to do the fun things you enjoy and look good doing them!

    The wig looks fab! The earrings look great, too!

  2. I like the haircut, Tara! What you said is the exact reason I tend to put off going for a trim. I get in there and things just get crazy.

    Wigs are fun and that green one is tres cute…Patty O’ Furniture *snort*!!!

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