Ring a Ding Ding

– I voiced my concern to this fair city in which I live. I have been on a walking kick, so to speak, during my lunch time. The sidewalks still haven’t been plowed, and since we have had oodles of snow dumped on us since the beginning of February….well that’s a lot of snow on a sidewalk. It goes up to my knees. I mean I know I’m a short person (5’1), but c’mon. I wound up hopping up and out of that snow onto the busy street and walking the rest of the way back to work in a silent huff. Had the same problem today, only there was more traffic, so I couldn’t just hop into the street. I braved the deep snow which had turned a bit icy and each time I took a step down into the deep snow, my ankles got all scraped up (I had a skirt on – probably not the smartest apparel to wear while walking through snow). So I figured this was enough of a dangerous situation for anyone trying to walk around, and called the snow removal department to voice that concern. I left a polite but concerned message.

– Earlier this evening I went looking for a teacher because I had a question to ask him. He wasn’t in his office, so I looked in the lunch room and found the Dean of the school. I asked him where “T” was, and he said that he was actually looking for him too. So we both walked out and down the hall, and another teacher joined us. The Dean asked how he was doing and he said he was confused. “So am I!” replied the Dean. “I am too!” I said. The three of us walking down the hallway all confused made me laugh. I almost broke out singing, “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!” Too bad the hallway tiles weren’t made of yellow bricks. And it seemed we were all in search of a brain.


9 thoughts on “Ring a Ding Ding

  1. Oh, it’s no fun getting scratched while walking on the sidewalk! And snowy sidewalks can ice over and become very slippery! I learned this the hard way the first time I walked on an icy sidewalk–one minute I’m walking. The next minute I’m on my butt looking up at the sky, all while my friend was laughing out loud–bastard!

    Ha! The Wizard of Oz comparison to the three of y’all walking the halls lost and looking for someone is funny!

  2. Wearing skirts in the winter is not something would do.. just because of tha reason.. If there are businesses along the way they are liable for clearing the sidewalk.. all other areas are the city’s.. so it’s good that you called and left a polite message..

    wizard of Oz.. that cracks me up..

  3. Last month I had the same problem-I had to choose to walk through knee deep snow or walk on the side of the major roads in our town. There is no excuse why homeowners and business owners can’t clear out some kind of safe passageway for pedestrians.

  4. Good for you for voicing your concern. It is a fully legitimate complaint.

    I have this image of you guys doing that little linked arm, skipping dance together…every work day should include a scene from a movie :-)

  5. Eros: Friends are so supportive and sensitive, aren’t they? Lol. I have to be careful walking through our apartment’s car port, because the water drips down from the roof and it makes the ground one solid sheet of smooth ice.

    Silver: Our city is usually so good about plowing the roads, and I’m grateful for that, but the sidewalks are really crap.

    Churlita: I hope it gets taken care of too, because since my call there hasn’t been a change. The snow will melt and clear the sidewalk naturally at this rate.

    Laura B: A coworker told me I could totally be Dorothy (good thing, right?)..Gave me an idea of what costume to look for next Halloween!

  6. Good for you for making your voice heard! It’s a public safety conscious thing to do. I wonder what would have happened if you had broken out into song? Perhaps you three would have linked arms and skipped along?

  7. FW: The guys that were involved are so cool, I don’t think they would’ve blinked much of an eye if I had broke out into song. ;) In fact I know now that one of them is a huge fan of “The Wizard of Oz”.

    NoRegrets: What’s funny is that, whenever I tried looking for the instructor or “the brain”, he was either away from his office or busy with someone else. I finally gave up and decided to seek his guidance after the weekend. :)

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