Tires, Taxes and The Na’vi

– This past weekend was busy – Saturday was all about chores, Sunday was all about entertainment. All aboard the memory train.

– At 5am on Friday morning, my mom called me all excited. She thought the scrolling thing on TV that showed school closings included the school I work for, so I got up to check it out. I was so hoping for a snow day. Nope. Classes were delayed 2 hours, but we, the staff, were supposed to come in at the usual time.

– We were rewarded with pizza for braving the weather! Pizza + Friday = Awesome.

– On Saturday I was scheduled to take my car to the mechanic for a courtesy check. I bought my tires from the place and thought I should get a second opinion about the prognosis the other shop gave my car. The Firestone guy said that it might not be the tires but the car. I told him I’d probably be getting a new car in late Spring or early Summer, so to please be gentle about what he was going to charge me if there was something wrong. I sat down and had a cup of coffee they had just brewed for their customers. Soon after, he sat down next to me and told me that it was, in fact, the car. A few parts and pieces and two tires would need to be replaced. The price wasn’t as gentle as I would’ve wanted, but I told him to go through with it. I went browsing the nearby shops, and had an early lunch at Arby’s. Any excuse for Arby’s and their “jalapeño bites”.

– I returned later on and decided to wait in the warm shop rather than walk around in the deep snow. I’m crazy like that. There was a guy waiting for his van to be fixed, and the mechanic came out and told him, “I need to show you something about your van, come with me.” The guy got up and said to me what I was already thinking, “That’s not a good sign!” I glanced out the window at that time and saw a mechanic drive my car around and out of the lot. He was either making that car his own or taking it for a post-repair test drive. Thankfully he came back and I was able to pay for my car. It was actually 5 bucks cheaper than the estimate because they found a coupon they could tag on for me. Sweet! How bout scrounging around for a $698 dollar off coupon? No? Okay, 5 bucks is better than nothing. I was content, though. I know they only replaced two tires, but it felt like they were all new.

Went home and, taking advice from my mom to get my taxes done, I found my W2 form and my info for the online tax pros, and went through the process. Aside from a few temporary, technical setbacks, I managed to get my taxes all filed, and now I just need to wait for the refunds. I’ll put both the federal and state refunds into the “Tara Needs a New Car” fund. Won’t you please give? Just 10 cents a day will give this poor, middle-class girl a chance to save up for a car with a CD player. Operators are standing by. I kid, of course. Anyway, I felt very accomplished with my car fixed and my taxes done!

– On Sunday I met up with Mr. AlienCG to see “Avatar”. I didn’t know what to expect of the movie, I had heard mixed reviews. But I really enjoyed it! The acting was great and all, I managed to get a bit teary-eyed during some scenes, but I was more impressed with the cinematography and the effects. It was a long movie, for sure, but I was captivated throughout most of the scenes. Had to wait for a big shootout army invasion scene to take a much needed “break” (where does the theater get off calling what I ordered a “small” drink?) so that I wouldn’t miss anything. I really enjoyed that movie, though, and I’m anxious for that one to come out on DVD. By the way, I keep wanting to say “come out on video”, but that is kind of an old saying now. Then just when I learn to say, “come out on DVD”, we’ll have switched to all “Blu-ray”. Sigh.

If you saw “Avatar” either in regular vision or in 3D, what did you think about it?


12 thoughts on “Tires, Taxes and The Na’vi

  1. Five bucks is five bucks, take it where you can get it. I hate car repairs. They seem to cost more and more and more all the time.

    I should get my taxes done this week, myself. I don’t have W2’s this years, just a 1099 from unemployment.

    I liked Avatar very much. I thought it was one of the most original movies I had seen in a long time. Thanks for going and for the popcorn.

  2. Any work day is always better with pizza! Mmmmm! At one place, our manager figured out that if she fed us, we’d pay more attention and speak up more in staff meetings, instead of just watching the clock, ready to go home :)

    I hate car repairs. Tires are expensive! Actually, the only cheap thing about car maintenance is the oil change. The windshield wipers and fluids I can change myself. I hope you get a great car! I bet you can find so many good deals now that we’re heading towards summer.

    Glad you got your taxes done. It’s always stressful getting them done.

    I haven’t seen Avatar or any movie in the theater for a while now. But I have to confess, when I first heard of Avatar, I thought they were making a movie based on the iconic Nickelodeon series, Avatar, the Last Airbender. Turns out, I was half right. They are making a movie out of the anime, but it’s just called The Last Airbender.

    I’m glad you got to enjoy watching the movie with a friend. It makes the experience fun.

  3. We just go crazy for food at work. Anytime they are willing to feed us, we’re in heaven :-)

    Car repairs. I know I need some things tended to, but I keep putting them off because I always feel so broke, but at some point I am just going to have to bite the bullet. Glad you are pleased with how your car feels now.

    I am probably the only remaining person I know who has not seen Avatar. I think it might have been hyped to me to much. Sounds like you really enjoyed it though! And NOTHING at the theater could be properly termed “small”, especially not the prices :-)

  4. Car repairs can be rather daunting and expensive.. Our old car the little Red Corvette..Cavalier..ha ha.. cost us a few bucks and in the end it just wasn’t worth the money to waste on a car that was ready to die.. Which it finally did..
    Pizza is always a good treat.. even better on a Friday..Taxes.. Hmm that is another daunting task.. we have to get ours done soon.. Avatar was a really good movie for the FX and Cinematography.. I will wait till it comes out on DVD.. or Blu-Ray..

  5. AlienCG: Yeah, it made a difference in my mood when I didn’t have to pay a solid $700, and that they had found the coupon for me. I felt much better.

    Eros: My nephew is all excited about the “The Last Airbender”!

    Laura: We’re like bloodhounds when food is in the area. We hunt it down and devour. :)

    Churlita: The last movie we went to see was “Legion” and that…well that wasn’t nearly as good as “Avatar”. But Paul Bettany was in it so the movie had that going for it at least.

    Tim: Yeah, old-skool sounds much better than just…old. :)

    BabyBull: Taxes aren’t really a big deal for me – I just do the easy form.

  6. You’ve totally reminded me that I need to get two of Car’s tyres replaced. Thank you.

    I thought Avatar was great, but I kind of wish I’d seen it in 2D as I found the 3D a bit distracting. It was incredibly well produced, but it kept taking me out of the story every time I marvelled at something amazing.

  7. I still haven’t seen avatar. The movie I’ve really been wanting to see is Alice in Wonderland. I really should see Avatar in 3d while it’s still out, would be a shame to miss it.

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