Marchin on In! – March 2010 Eclectic Holiday List!

MARCH 2010!

1. Peanut Butter Lover’s Day (It’s Actually Peanut Butter Lover’s Month!)
2. Read Across America Day (in Honor of Dr. Seuss’s Birthday)
3. Baseball Spring Training Games Officially Begin!
4. Tara’s Mom’s Birthday!
5. March Around Day – Have Yourself an Impromptu Parade
6. March Madness – Blog About Your Pet Peeves
7. Broaden Your Musical Tastes and Check Out a New Band (Live, on TV, Internet or Elsewhere)!
8. International Women’s Day
9. Show And Tell Appreciation Day!
10. “Dark Side of the Moon” Appreciation Day (Album Released in 1973)
11. Discuss Your Favorite Cartoon Day
12. Watch a Really Bad Sci-Fi Movie Today
13. Remember Your Favorite Class from School Today
14. Spring Ahead of Your Schedule Day (Daylight Savings Time Begins)
15. Warn People Menacingly About the “Ides of March” Today
16. Play Matchmaker with Your Friends Today (Chuck Woolery’s Birthday, Gameshow Host of “The Love Connection”)
17. Think “Green” Today (St. Patrick’s Day!!)
18. Hug a Friend Today
19. Plan Your Garden for Spring Day!
20. Spring into Spring Day – What Do You Do to Celebrate the Upcoming Warmth?
21. Write a Poem About Spring!
22. March Break/Spring Break Madness!
23. Obsess about Not Using Wire Hangers Today While Wearing Your Sunday Best (Easter Sunday and Joan Crawford’s Birthday)
24. Escape from a Straightjacket Today (Harry Houdini’s Birthday – 1874)
25. International Waffle Day (Have Some Waffles with a Ton of Syrup Today)
26. Sing “Stop, In the Name of Love” in Front of the Mirror Today (Diana Ross’s Birthday – 1944)
27. Go to “Jack Rabbit Slim’s”, Learn Japanese and Fight with a Hatori Hanso Sword, and/or Have Some Milk and Streudel and Speak in either German or French Today (Quentin Tarantino’s Birthday – 1963!)
28. AlienCG’s 2nd Year, Smoke-Free Anniversary!
29. Bubble Bath Appreciation Day
30. Dance Sideways Across the Room in Baggy Pants Today Singing “Can’t Touch This” (M.C. Hammer’s Birthday – 1962)
31. Table Manners Appreciation Day

Thank you again for all of your suggestions! I hope we all have a wonderful month filled with warmer weather that encourages fun, outdoor activities.


7 thoughts on “Marchin on In! – March 2010 Eclectic Holiday List!

  1. Great holidays! I forgot how short Feb was til I was filling out paperwork and realized that I needed to pay the rent!

    Happy Birthday, Tara’s Mom!

    *Starts impromptu parade and MC Hammer dance early*

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