March! …2…3…4…

Hey all! March will be here next week! You know what happens in March? Spring arrives! I can’t express to you how happy I’ll be when Winter finally ends. I know that in March and on into April we still get freakish snow and ice storms. The local weatherman calls them “renegade storms”. But when March 20th rolls in, we can at least expect a decreased viewing of the white stuff.

Anyway, enough of that rambling. If you have any whacky, crazy holiday ideas brewing in your heads, please post them in the comments section of this post so that we can build the Eclectic Days of March! Go team, go! Thank youuuu!!

Dietrich Hall (farther back)

Here’s a photo taken last May of Baldwin-Wallace College. A nice, green, snowless lawn. Ahhhh, I can almost smell the grass clippings.

Violet Blossoms

Here is another shot taken last May. These flowers bloom in front of the church I go to for choir practice.

7 thoughts on “March! …2…3…4…

  1. Plan Your Garden For Spring Day!

    Write A Poem About Spring!

    March Break/Spring Break Madness!

    Show And Tell Appreciation Day!

    That’s all I can come up with.. Its a start!

  2. Hmmm… well, I’m going to a gig in the first week, so how about ‘broaden your musical tastes and check out a new band’ or something?

    (I don’t mean you have to go see them – maybe just randomly click on a myspace page, or pick something off your iTunes Genius?)

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