Work Shtuff

– Happiness is having a conversation with two guys at work about horror movies.

– A coworker of mine came in today and wanted to change our upcoming graduation ceremony because it’s scheduled for the day before Good Friday. I told him that the invites and announcements were already sent out, so he accepted it. Then he said, “I’ll be blamed for all of it anyway.”

To which I replied, “I won’t think it’s your fault!”
Then he said, “You don’t count.”
I knew what he meant, but responded with, “Oh thanks a lot!”
But as he walked away he shouted, “It’s a good thing!”

Nobody else noticed that it was going to be the day before “Good Friday”, but people did notice our ceremonies would be held on “April Fool’s Day”. Therefore, I figure if there are any mistakes made that day, I can just blame them all on “April Fool’s Day”!


8 thoughts on “Work Shtuff

  1. Eros: I think more would notice if we scheduled it on Good Friday, too. But nope – the only thing students are noticing is that it’s on April Fool’s Day. In 2006 we had our June ceremony on the 6th. So it was 6/6/6 or technically 6/6/06. A few guys rolled their eyes about that date, but it was a practically flawless day.

    BabyBull: A few people decided on that date. But all managers were included in the original email, so it’s on all of their heads should a problem arise. I don’t think it is a big deal, students aren’t complaining either, just that it’s April Fool’s Day. Might be a fun, interesting day!

    Silver: We have graduation 4 times a year, this one will be our Spring ceremony. Usually we have it in March, though.

    Churlita: Exactly! Good point. >:)

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