Tires and Too Much Info

– I went to choir tonight, had a good time. I did hear a little too much information from the Cackler, though, before practice. We were all situated in our seats and the three of us; me, the Cackler and my friend C, were talking about our pets. Riveting, I know! The Cackler told us about how her princessy cat tries to wake her up. She paws the blankets and then shoves her nose under the covers. The Cackler then said, “But she doesn’t do that long, because she doesn’t like the smell…” I tried to evict the thought I had in my head from that comment, but then she, to my horror, clarified, “I haven’t washed the sheets in awhile.” Ah. High on my list of things I didn’t need to hear, but if she’s able to divulge such info then more power to her, I guess.

– It was so foggy outside tonight after choir. Pretty mysterious and creepy, like a scene ripped out of “The Wolfman”. I wanted expected Benicio Del Torro to come popping out of the woods.

– Oh I decided to get a much-needed oil change this past weekend. I printed out a coupon, too, it was a good deal. While standing in line, I saw some moody lady with a pony tail give some sass to the mechanic who was being very patient with her. She practically threw her bundle of keys at him when he asked her for them. Then he said that she could have some coffee while she waited. “No,” She said as she projected her voice across the store. “I don’t drink coffee, but that’s fine.”  The next person stepped up, found out it would take awhile for an oil change, and she left all pissed off. I had time, it was Sunday and I needed it done. So as I was getting my address all updated and such, a guy pulled up outside with a motorcycle and strutted on in. He informed me that I had come to the right place, and that the guy who was waiting on me was a good mechanic. I said, “That’s good to know!” It was good to know, I didn’t want to throw my poor car into the hands of a sadistic quack. Anyway, the mechanic told me that it would take awhile for the oil change, so I gave him my cell phone number and told him I’d be in the area doing some shopping.

– I am so grateful that I live in a location where I can just turn and there’s some place to shop. It doesn’t sound very scenic or romantic, but it’s a nice diversion if one must wait for their car or anything else. I was going to go to Office Max to do some shopping for good pens, but instead I stopped at the clothing store nearby. I wasn’t expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was amazed at the multitude of cute shirts they had in stock, so I shopped, tried things on and shopped some more until my cell phone rang and the mechanic said he was finished.

There was a bit of  a snag, though. Part of the deal was that they would rotate my tires. He said he couldn’t because the back tires had some uneven wear and they’d just make more trouble if they were rotated. “You need new tires, is my point.” I asked if I needed all of them replaced, and of course he said they ALL needed to be replaced. I did not give in at that time about the tires, but I did give in to their offer to replace my wiper blades. I love my new blades, they’re so thorough. Anyway, I will need to replace my tires, but not there.  My car sounds happier now that I had the oil change, though.

– That’s all I’ve got right now! How was your weekend? What did you do?


10 thoughts on “Tires and Too Much Info

  1. Oh, yeah, that’s too much info from the Cackler.

    That’s great you got your oil and wipers changed. I had to buy new tires last month, and it was pretty expensive replacing all of them! But I did save money by looking up online the various tire places in town and compared prices and read up on customer reviews. I found a great discount tire place that was highly recommended. And I was happy with their service. The windshield wipers I had to replace myself after the driver’s side one started to tear off!

    But it’s nice to have peace of mind knowing your car is running fine with a fresh oil change :)

  2. Our little car needs an oil change again.. we had the tires replaced a couple of times.. one was hit by something and it went flatter than a pancake …had it replaced then it too decided to have a slow leak.. all is fine now.. That’s nice they at least replaced the wipers.. Cars always run better after having oil changed..

    Th Cackler.. she cracks me up..

  3. Yeah, that was a little too much information from the Cackler. I am really regretting reading that part of the post.

    Sorry, Benicio del Toro wasn’t available, but we do have a guy who was uncredited in the movie.

    I love finding out that I need other work done on my car when I go for an oil change. I have to take it in soon, so I’ll find out if I need anything.

  4. Glad your car’s all good now Tara! Bit of a pain about the tyres, but new wipers and an oil change are a good start (it IS important to be able to see out the windscreen after all!!).

  5. Eros: When I first bought the tires I have now, I was looking for the sale they had, but those tires were all sold out. Had to get the more expensive ones. I must remember next time to find any coupons that will help take the edge off of the price.

    BabyBull: I had originally planned on buying the wiper blades at the store and installing them myself like I did last year. But I figured while I was getting my car checked out, they could replace the blades much quicker.

    AlienCG: I wished I hadn’t heard her say that last night, but alas I did. I figured, why be grossed out all by myself when I can share the story with my blogging friends and gross them out as well?

    Churlita: That decision to actually get in the car and go to the mechanic is the tricky part. I kept procrastinating.

    Tim: Yes, visibility is very important in a car! Unless my car is a KnightRider type where it does the driving for me. I’m going to start calling my car “Kit”.

    Daffy: I’m getting a second opinion about my tires this weekend at the place where I originally bought the tires. I talked to a guy who said it might not be the tires, it might be the car itself.

    And I would’ve been happy to give Benicio a lift to where he needed to go. We’re on a first name basis. :P

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