Sadly, No Jazz Hands

Today my mom came over, we shopped at the thrift store and at the grand old Walmart. Then we had lunch, watched some of the Olympics (“Aerials” and ski jumps), and then she moseyed on home.

The next thing I had to get ready for was a “ladies night”. I was invited to a place in the next town to hang out with my coworker’s wife and some of her friends. I am a moody person, some of you may already know that going in. I love my home, and the thought of going out on a Saturday night made me wish there was a huge snow storm that made it impossible for me to go. Kind of a bad, lazy thought, I know. So I wasn’t sure if I would go or not. On Friday, just as I was leaving, my coworker asked me if I was going to his wife’s party on Saturday. At the time, all I wanted to do was go home. I had been going through files all week, it was past my shift and did I mention I just wanted to go home?  So I told him I wasn’t sure. “Go!!” He demanded. “You’ll meet new people, make a new YouTube video. Get out of the house!” I still stuck with “I’m not sure.” To which he responded. “Go…..If you want to!”

The more I thought about going, the more I knew it was the right thing to do. Not because my coworker told me to go, but because I was invited and I would’ve felt bad for not going, and it was a chance to escape from my Winter hermit lifestyle and meet up with almost complete strangers.  So that’s what I did. We were all supposed to dress up for the event. I wore my tall, black boots, a maroon skirt and a short-sleeve blouse. I also found my pearl necklace and wore that with some other bits of jewelry.

I mapped out the place and found out that I knew exactly where I was headed, which is always a comfort. The restaurant was formerly a farmer’s market of sorts, and my parents and I have visited the place to shop.  I found a wonderfully close parking spot and decided to head on in. Thankfully I found my coworker’s wife within a minute. The place was crowded. She was talking to another friend she had invited, and the three of us headed back to another part of the restaurant to wait for our table to be called. More of the party guests arrived within that time. Half of us were dressed up, the rest arrived in jeans.  We laughed at the idea of having a “West Side Story” fight: dresses and skirts against the jean people. There was some snapping of fingers, but no jazz hands. Sorry Churlita!

I think we all had a good time! I was the only single person there. The rest were either married without kids, married with kids or married and pregnant. I managed to mingle and contribute to some of the conversations, even though I couldn’t relate at all to labor pains and 4am baby wake-up calls. It became a sinister mission of theirs to scare me out of ever wanting kids, and to scare the pregnant lady in the group senseless. It only made us cringe, joke and laugh. Ha ha!

We dispersed a few hours later and here I am. Sleepy, content and so glad it is still the weekend.


6 thoughts on “Sadly, No Jazz Hands

  1. That’s great you decided to go out and you had a good time! That is a nice way to break out of a routine, to do something fun. Good food, good laughs, and good company are great reasons to go out every now and then and meet new people :)

  2. Eros: I have started to feel so much like a sloth this season, that I think it was a good idea to get out!

    FW: They were a great group of women to meet! Funny, too!

    Laura B: I was able to cope by ordering a basket of French fries and a glass of beer. That little snack filled me up sufficiently!

    Churlita: I think I’m more willing to hang out with people when the weather isn’t so unpredictable. Saturday night was perfect, though. No treacherous driving.

    BabyBull: No YouTube videos were made, sadly! At least not that I know of! :)

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