Pushing Through Writer’s Block

So I’m not quite in the blogging mood just yet, but I had started a post earlier this week and just used the draft as a springboard for a blog post. Then as I added to it my blogging mood came back a bit.

– I commented on the Facebook status of one of my favorite comedians this past weekend, and he responded to it. I’m positive it wasn’t one of his people sending me a courtesy response, he seems like the type of guy who will do that on his own. I loved it, it was like I had received a response from Johnny Depp. :) It was just a comment about the crazy Winter weather that’s been visiting more states this year and how it reminded us of “The Day After Tomorrow”, and how Dennis Quaid was miraculously and heroically able to outrun the cold.

– Bought another piece of exercise equipment this weekend, but it was much, much cheaper than the “ab circle pro” (under $20 instead of under $200). This one helps me work on my arms. I didn’t have to order it online or through a commercial, it was at the store. I love that thing, I can feel the burn.

– My mom – ah, my mother. She was climbing up and down a little ladder late last week, taking things off of the closet shelves (heavy crocks and stuff). She didn’t fall or anything, but she woke up some angry muscles and was in total pain the next day. After work on Friday I figured I’d buy her a new heating pad since we couldn’t find her old one. I bought one for myself too – I’m sure it’ll come in handy. Anyway, I’m glad I took the thing over to her that same day, because she could barely stand up straight. I also brought over some chocolate covered strawberries. I fussed and worried about her until she finally had enough and kicked me out. Hehe. But by now her back spasms are gone. She’s just sore but is moving around and getting better sleep.

– Saturday was just spent relaxing and watching TV. We were supposed to go to the movies that day, but my mom was still in pain (only much better). She was in better shape on Sunday, so we went to see “The Wolfman”. Dang I loved that movie. We both did, and I haven’t felt so uneasy and jumpy during a horror movie in a long time. Here are a few things to say:

1) Benicio del Torro – soft spoken and intense – he was perfect in this movie.

2) The transformation from man to werewolf in this movie looked just as painful as it did in “American Werewolf in London”, but it was just a little quicker. The clothes didn’t even need to be ripped off. Damn it.  But the effects were amazing, and I loved their play on fog, shadows and suspense.

3) I was also amused that one of the towns people in “The Wolfman” was also one of the towns people in “American Werewolf in London”. Just…you know…older.

4) And then there’s Hugo Weaving as a Scotland Yard detective. He speaks in almost the same, deliberate tone as his character Agent Smith from “The Matrix” and also the king of the elves in “Lord of the Rings”. He’s great.

5) In the midst of the gore, I heard the hyper voices of little kids in the theater. Maybe they thought they stumbled into a Disney movie? Quite the contrary. Movies are rated “R” and “PG-13” for a reason.

6) Did I mention I totally loved this movie? Well I did. I might see it again and then I’ll definitely have to add it to my DVD collection.

That is all for now, I made it through my blogger’s block….I think.

10 thoughts on “Pushing Through Writer’s Block

  1. Oh, your poor mom! I’m glad you got her a heating pad and that she felt better after a couple of days. I LOVE my heating pad.

    I really want to see The Wolfman and am glad to hear it was good. I have had a thing for Benecio del Toro for years…he’s like…a sexy beast :-)

    And I’m really glad you felt inspired to blog.

  2. Glad you coming out of the blogging funk.. we all go through that every so often..

    Your Mom is very lucky to have you! What a good daughter..Taking care of her..

    I have seen the previews for that movie and wouldn’t mind seeing it.. I also want to see The Crazies.. That one looks good too!

  3. Glad you got rid of your writer’s block. I decided to look through some writing I did over the summer to get through mine.

    You’re such a good daughter for buying your mom a heating pad. Tell her to be more careful. I should think about getting a heating pad for my temperamental knees.

    I’m going to have to see Wolfman at some point, preferably in the theater.

  4. Silver: Thank you! It was kind of sad since I do like to blog. Just couldn’t get into the spirit of it.

    Churlita: You should see “Wolfman”, I recommend it! I was glad I didn’t read any reviews or anything about the movie before going to see it, so I could form my own opinions.

    Laura B: I have liked Benicio Del Torro since I saw him in “Traffic”. Yummy.

    Babybull: I’m skeptical about “The Crazies”, it looks like another virusy zombie movie. But Timothy Olyphant is in it, so I might give it a chance when it comes to DVD. :)

    AlienCG: I don’t know how I’ve gotten by without a heating pad, let alone my mom! Her old one was really fading. I have no idea where it went, though.

    Eros: I’m glad we could both enjoy the movie too! We’re still talking about it!

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