It’s Only a Name

Because I have lost my motivation to blog for now, here is a fun Blogthings quiz to take. I am Dopey, but thankfully the description was gentle on me.

You Are Dopey

That doesn’t mean you’re a total dope, but it does mean you are sweet and silly – just like Dopey.
You are innocent and playful, but you’re a lot smarter than you look. You can be downright wily.

You have a good sense of intuition and often understand what’s really going on. You are a keen observer.
Unlike most people, you don’t show your hand right away. You keep your cards close to your chest.


8 thoughts on “It’s Only a Name

  1. You Are Happy
    You are an inspiring and uplifting person. Your positive attitude has taken you far in life.
    It’s important to you that everyone gets along. You can’t stand confrontation.

    You are outgoing and friendly. You naturally put people at ease just by being around.
    You want to make the world a better and happier place. You are willing to work hard to make things better.

    Most of this is true.. although there has been stuff in the past that prevented me from being happy.. I think I’m a fairly happy person now!

  2. You Are Bashful
    You love being part of a group, as long as you’re not asked to participate. You rather just be around.
    You are an excellent listener and a deep thinker. You are extremely sensitive and emotional.

    You are very polite and caring. You think before you speak, and you never say anything you regret.
    You are calm and collected. You don’t crack under pressure, and you’re always able to think clearly.

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