“I’ve had the blues, the reds and the pinks.”

Today, according to the Eclectic calendar, is Anti-Valentine’s Day! Great timing because I’m in an Anti-Valentine’s Day mood. I was actually in a Valentine’s Day mood yesterday, but mainly because I like pink and red colors around this time. I bought some pink post-it notes and I wore what I thought was a pink shirt, but it was actually more salmon colored. Oh well, close enough. It was cheerful. Plus, a coworker came around with a tray of mini cupcakes all frosted with pretty pink frosting and offered one to each of us. I haven’t had a cupcake in a few years! Today I’m wearing green. So I’m a little early for St. Patrick’s Day!

To celebrate Anti-Valentine’s Day, here’s a clip of Adam Sandler from “The Wedding Singer” after he was deserted at the altar of his own wedding and then had to sing at another wedding party. Bad idea! Too early for him to be back on the job….and drunk. Enjoy. Oh and Happy Anti-Valentine’s Day!


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