“It’s Gold, Jerry! Gold!”

How has everyone been doing? I noticed I hadn’t posted anything since Tuesday. Oh well, I’m here now, right? I do have some photos to post. Was in a decorating mood too the other day, put away anything that remotely resembled Christmas (I had a tea set on my table that was Christmas-themed, but it looked too pretty to put away right away), except for the holly plant that actually belongs to my mom, but she wanted me to have it because I get better light. Anyway, I bought more Spring-related tablecloths, place mats and napkins and set the whole thing up. I also had some pretty dishes in my cupboard that I could decorate with, and it just so happened I had four of those plates and had bought four place mats and four napkins. Perfect!

Here are the photos:

First, here are the plates from my cupboard:

Here’s the whole ding dang table setting, complete with a pretty glass pitcher I also had in my cupboard:

Skittles…No, I didn’t find her in my cupboard:

Then last weekend while brushing my hair, I caught a glimpse of Skittles peeking at me from over one of my pillows on my bed. It was so cute, so I placed the camera up and aimed it towards the mirror, and was able to still catch her watching while I finished brushing my hair. This is the result:

Oh and then today, Saturday, I got dressed and ready and went out to the post office at 9am to mail out a book I sold on Amazon. The streets weren’t perfect, but much better than last weekend. Since yesterday was the opening ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympics, and the Eclectic holiday asked for us to “Do Your Tasks/Chores Like an Olympic Athlete Day – Pretend You’re Slalom Skiing While You Vacuum, Playing Hockey While You Mop, Curling When You Sweep, A Figure Skater While Preparing A Meal, or a Speed Skater When Moving from Room to Room”, I thought I’d actually post about that today. A little belated, but just a day.

That said, on my way to the post office I hoped my car wouldn’t do dangerous figure skating moves like the “Sit Spin“, the “Hand to Hand Loop Lift” or this backflip:

I don’t know those figure skating moves by heart, I actually had to look them up this morning. See how committed I was to posting about this Olympic holiday? I’m committed, alright. ;)

I was able to watch some of the opening ceremonies last night, were you? From what I saw, it was really cool. I loved the dancing while playing violins and I loved the whole, appropriate maple leaf theme! Awesome job, Canada!

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