Bullet Points at Bedtime!

– Choir last night was fun. A friend of mine sat next to me and the Cackler was on her other side. I hardly heard her, except when the director made her sing a really high, unnecessary note. I think he likes that dramatic finale.

– We were singing a song which contained the word “behind” in it, and we were going too slow or messing up the beat or something. He said, “Get your ‘behinds’ in order….” This time he knew what he was saying and then shook his head and said, “Oh…uh wait, that’s wrong.”

– It was snowing earlier today (In Ohio? No really!) and even though the roads weren’t too bad, I guess the sidewalks were a mess. So our building manager at work went out and salted everything. The particular salt he uses turns blue when it’s activated. My coworker said, “It looks like a Smurf pissed on the sidewalks!” :D

– I rented the movie “Funny People”. I’m not a big Adam Sandler fan, but I was still curious and watched it. I wasn’t aware of how long that movie was, but it had some good parts in it. I actually laughed like crazy during a part with Seth Rogan.

– Oh and this just in (well since yesterday)! Cleveland, Ohio has been named “America’s Worst Winter Weather City”! Hip hip, hooray! Here’s the article if you’re interested!

– Well it’s still snowing as I type this, and I’m getting sleepy. So I bid you all a good-night, pleasant dreams and all that good stuff!


11 thoughts on “Bullet Points at Bedtime!

  1. Sounds like your choir director is getting all too wise to the danger of the double entendre :-)

    ha! Smurf piss!

    I saw Funny People at the theater. I think I liked it more than the general reviews…it wasn’t very well received, was it? But it had some good laughs. I though the part when they were at the ex-girlfriend’s house went on toooo long though.

    Congratulations Cleveland! Way to be all bad and stuff!

  2. Laura B: Yeah, Ohio is bad-ass. So much for the storm, though. We didn’t seem to get that much. Or at least our area didn’t get that much. I was hoping to at least get a snow day out of it! Sheesh.

    Eros: Filthy, filthy Smurfs, yes. And last night while brushing off my car, I was trying to get the window washer fluid to come out, but it was blocked by snow. Instead I saw little blue marks where the stuff was trying to come out. I immediately thought of Smurfs again.

    Manuel: I did like Sandler in “The Wedding Singer”. He wasn’t my favorite character in “Funny People”, I liked Seth Rogan’s character and his friends.

    Yes be glad you don’t live in the snow. I’m tired of all this Winter crap.

  3. ha ha.. my neighbour sometimes ssalts our walkway and she uses the smurf blue stuff too.. Then it get’s tracked inside the house and then it really looks like a Smurf pissed in the hallway!..

    The “Cackler” cracks me up..

    we have a fairly decent winter with very little snow.. In fact the Vancouver Olympics are all distressed casue they have to truck fake snow in from elsewhere..

    Hope you got a good night’s sleep..


  4. BabyBull: I heard about Canada having to get snow from other places! Usually the snow we get comes from the direction of Canada! Weird stuff. I hope you get enough so that it looks pretty but not dangerous. From your recent blog post it looks like you are finally getting some more snow!

    Churlita: Some parts did drag on too long. I think it took way too long for them to meet up with the ex-girlfriend.

  5. Up until now we have had little of it.. Now we are getting snow from all around us.. I forgot to mention the adam sandler movie.. we rented it and there really was only a couple of moments that were funny.. I figured from the title it would his usual schtick moronic humor.. which I do enjoy.. only cause it’s mindless entertainment..Ha ha!

  6. Seb: “Funny People” does have some funny moments in it, but it starts off serious and sad.

    BabyBull: I liked the comedians featured throughout the movie like Ray Romano and Norm McDonald…

    FW: The snow was actually worse yesterday than it was the night before, but things are….shhh…calm…right now. Just cold.

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