4 Snow Drifts and a Funeral

My mom invited me over to her place for dinner on Friday. On my way there, it started to snow, but the roads were still pretty good. My mom made us huge, spinach salads with croutons, cheese and real bacon bits sprinkled on top. It was really good. We hung out for a bit, watched “Seinfeld” and then it was time for me to head home. The streets that had been great were now covered in snow. Ugh. Long story short, I skidded and fishtailed my way home safely.

I had to go to a funeral on Saturday, my brother’s father-in-law died late last week. Instead of worrying about how bad the streets were going to be on the way there, I made a decision to call a cab. I do not regret that decision, I was relieved that I would be able to make it to the service. The other streets were actually much better than the ones near me, but I had no way of knowing it until I was on my way in the cab.

The funeral service was nice. The father-in-law was laid out in a casket in the front of the room. At the end of the service they had us go up, one row at a time, and pay our last respects to him. I’m not comfortable with viewing someone in a casket. So instead I greeted my family and the father-in-law’s girlfriend. I had been able to keep my emotions in check throughout the service, but when I saw tears streaming down my nephew’s face, I had to fight back my own.

The next step was to proceed to the cemetery and the mausoleum. I had never been to a mausoleum before and pictured an old, gothic-style tomb made with moss-covered stones, ancient cobwebs in every corner. I think I’ve seen too many horror movies. Instead, we were led into a very pretty building. Each wall was lined with marble plaques with engraved names. A fountain was in the middle of the room. Someone gave us all a carnation so that we could place them on the casket. The area where the casket was going to go had a little curtain in front of it. Kids kept going up and peeking behind the curtain. My sister-in-law joked that it looked like someone was going to put on a puppet show. What would we do without our sense of humor? We’d all be a mess.

Anyway, we went to lunch afterward, an Italian restaurant set up a buffet for us. It was really good food. Then we dispersed and my brother told my nephew to drive me home.

So that drive home…wow. It could’ve been so easy, but we didn’t realize that there are two roads of the same name in that particular city. One leads back to my town, the other…..doesn’t. I figured all roads would lead us at least closer to my town, so we went down the other road and wound up in a totally different town. My nephew freaked a bit, but we eventually headed back in the right direction. When I finally figured out which direction to go, I told my nephew and his girlfriend snapped at me and said they weren’t going to take anymore “retarded” directions. But thankfully my nephew defended me a little and, after getting his car stuck in some snow, and hearing a stream of swear words flow out of my nephew’s mouth that I had never heard him say before, we followed my directions that led us to my place. It was so nice, again, to see my apartment. To think, if I had driven myself to the funeral, I would’ve missed that magical, scenic trip on the way back! It was a pretty day, though, the sun came out and that made things much more bearable.

Here’s another drawing for you:


12 thoughts on “4 Snow Drifts and a Funeral

  1. I adore spinach salad and these days I force myself to choose between the blue cheese or the bacon – I never have them on the salad at the same time. Either way… yums to spinach salad, especially when prepared lovingly by your mom.

    My feathers got all ruffled up when I read that your nephew’s girlfriend snapped at you, or in your general direction or whatever she did. It was rude and you didn’t deserve that. I’ll kick her butt if you need me to : )

  2. Sounds like you guys put a little of the “fun” back in “funeral”. Seriously, though, I am sorry. You were smart not to attempt the drive. As for little miss, she better watch herself…we will strike down upon her with great vengeance and furious anger! haha! Love the drawing. You’ve captured that distressed look of being lost very well!

  3. That ms thing better watch herself! Cuz blood is thicker than water! And she better remember that girlfriends can be replaced while aunts are permanent!

    That is always sad when you see a family member cries. When my father passed away, I didn’t really cry until I saw my mother cry. I was sad to see her cry. And when my mother passed away, it was hard holding back tears when I saw my two brothers that I was close to and my nieces and nephews cry.

    It is scary when the car skids on the ice! The first time that happened, I freaked out and froze up and it took me a few seconds to remember to turn my tires in the direction of the skid and foot off the gas pedal. Luckily, there was no one else on the road and I made it safely. The next time it happened, I was a passenger while the driver just screamed! I had to calm the driver down and provide instructions on how to handle the skid. Luckily, there was no one else on the road and we made the drive safely. Good call on taking the cab. I’ve taken public transit to be safe.

  4. So sorry to hear..Losing a loved one is hard..

    That young lady had better watch herself.. Glad to hear he defended you.. Yes blood is thicker than water.. so maybe she will watch herself in future.. Good idea taking a cab.. with all the snow, why risk driving yourself..

  5. Abroad: Believe me, I bristled when she snapped at me too. But she’s kind of a hyper person anyway, and outrageous things fly out of her mouth almost on a constant basis. Not that it’s an excuse, but still. I considered the source. And yes, that salad made by my mom was delicious!

    Laura B: Ha, yeah that’s how our family rolls. We had some funny things happen at my dad’s memorial at the time too. Ha, thank you for the offer to go all Ezekiel 25:17 on Little Miss! I might take you up on that offer! >:) I’m so glad you like the drawing! Thank you!

    Eros: She later tried to apologize, but it didn’t come out as such, “I didn’t mean to call the directions retarded, but every time we get directions from other people they’re all wrong!” Um…apology accepted?

    Ha, your story about being a passenger and hearing the driver scream when they skidded made me laugh a bit. Not that skidding is funny, it’s not, but I could feel their fear and could relate. Haven’t screamed yet, though. It was good of you to get them to calm down. I can relate to your freezing up after wiping out like that. I tend to do that when my brakes are wet.

    Babybull: Thank you! My brother’s father-in-law was an interesting character. Yeah, I’m glad I took a cab, and even though we got lost briefly, it was nice to ride along with my family.

  6. I like to think those in heaven appreciate the lighter moments of us down here. Journeys by car can cause unwanted reactions and the weather probably added to the stress, no excuse though – it’s not fair to snap at someone trying to help. Great drawing!

  7. FW: The father-in-law definitely liked to laugh when he was around, so I’m guessing he was looking down on us and having a good laugh. :)

    And thanks! I should be putting these drawings on Dinkums & Doodles, too.

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