Movie Meme: Acting Out

Eros was tagged over at his blog to do a movie meme where you’re supposed to think of three movies that inspired you to act out certain things from that movie. I figured I’d give it a try.

“Titanic” – When my friends and I went on a cruise, I told them that I wanted to act like Kate Winslet in “Titanic” where she closed her eyes and stretched out her arms while they sailed through the ocean. Two of my friends weren’t interested in my idea, but a few days later my other friend and I went up on deck and we both posed like Kate Winslet and took photos of each other. It was incredibly windy that day, so our hair was flying into our faces but we were content.

“My Big Fat Greek Wedding” – A few of us were really into this movie, and could recite tons of lines from it. Two of us acted out the scene where Toula is having dinner with Ian and she tells him the restaurant he wants to go to is owned by her family, and he remembers her from the first time he went to that restaurant. No big action scene or anything, but we pretended we were Toula and recited her lines and Ian’s.

“The Breakfast Club” – I made the same sandwich Ally Sheedy’s character put together. White bread, Captain Crunch cereal and Pixie Stix sugar. I recorded the taste test but just realized I took the video off of YouTube. But the sandwich actually didn’t taste too bad!

Have you acted out scenes from movies? If so, you should do this meme. Have fun!


7 thoughts on “Movie Meme: Acting Out

  1. I’ve done that thing Tim said too! Awesome :-) Live long…and…prosper….

    Oh, I like to do “fat guy in a little coat” like Chris Farley did in Tommy Boy. Comedy gold!

    I have a number of scenes from Cable Guy that I could reenact for you! Feed me the ro-o-o-o-ck….

  2. Ha! That Titanic scene is fun to re enact. Actually, it’s a whole lotta fun to re enact scene from movies with friends. I liked My Big Fat Greek Wedding, too. I don’t think I’ll try the Windex to solve any illnesses, though. But I may try that sandwich from the Breakfast club.

    On the flight to Greece, some passengers on the plane were reciting lines from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It was kind of hilarious.

  3. Babybull: Titanic was a big example, I had to think about the other movies I’ve acted out. I quote from them more than I act them out.

    Churlita: You should! Your friends seem like the fun types to help you with that, too!

    Tim: That is funny. I do remember that scene, and I think it made me cry when I was younger! It was a dramatic moment for sure.

    Laura B: I have only seen “The Cable Guy” once. I have seen Carrey’s other movies much more than once. I quote from “Bruce Almighty” and “Liar Liar” sometimes. :D

    Eros: I haven’t tried Windex on me yet either. I’ll stick with stuff that doesn’ t have ammonia in it. That would’ve been a fun trip, hearing people quote from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. I still do it when something reminds me of the movie.

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