Oh Man, I Am So Fried

Hey there! How art thou? It’s time for another episode of Friday5! This one has to do with fried stuff, and it got me all hungry.

1. When you come home from a long day of whatever it is you do and your brain is totally fried, what therapy do you normally seek?
I have a hot shower, get into PJs and my slipper socks and then either check out the internet, watch a movie or play on the Nintendo Wii.

2. Of the myriad of desserts made primarily of fried dough, what is your favorite?
Funnel cakes! There’s a stand at the county fair that will put caramel, powdered sugar and hot fudge on the cake for you. They used to put chopped walnuts on too, but stopped since so many people were allergic to nuts (not a word from the peanut gallery).

3. Most fried foods are best right out of the fryer, but what’s a fried food that you enjoy cold?
Fried chicken. I couldn’t think of anything at first, I have eaten cold French fries before, but eating cold, fried chicken is good too. I prefer it hot, though.

4. What’s the most unusual deep-fried food you’ve ever tried?
Ice cream….Not that it’s totally unusual now, but it sounded interesting. I tried it once at a Mexican restaurant because my nephew shared his free birthday dessert with all of us. It was okay, I probably won’t have fried ice cream again, though.

5. Where can you get really good French fries?
Referring back to the county fair again, I love the greasy shoestring fries. You get an awful lot in a small cup, too. It’s a good deal. Wash that down with freshly squeezed lemonaid….Yum.


8 thoughts on “Oh Man, I Am So Fried

  1. Fried Brain: Shower, sweatpants, beverage and video games
    Fried Dough: Sour Cream Donuts
    Fried but Cold: I gotta go with the chicken
    Unusual Fried: Dill Pickles (and they are gooooood)
    French Fries: Swenson’s Drive-In (they have the crinkle cut)

  2. What’s the deal with funnel cakes? Everyone says they’re so fantastic, but the 2 or 3 I’ve had were practically soaked through with the oil. Nas..u..tee.

    I’ve had fried ice cream and didn’t think it was anything fantastic either. I’d rather have a cookie or brownie with my ice cream.

  3. I tried fried green pickles and they were really good.. I wasn’t sure at first tho.. Funnel cakes are delicious.. haven’t had one of those in forever.. (just as well).. This is a really interesting meme.. Oh I also love cold fried chicken.. goood for breakfast..lol

  4. AlienCG: I forgot about fried pickles, I tried those once too.

    Churlita: Gotta love the bubble baths!

    KenV: Yeah, I’d rather have hot fudge or hot caramel with my ice cream. And I know what you mean about the funnel cakes being soggy. I still love them, though.

    Laura B.: It was fun! It made me excited for Summer!

    Babybull: I had a deep fried pickle a couple years ago, and it actually wasn’t bad! Crunchy and tart.

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