Welcome, February! Take Your Coat Off and Stay Awhile!

First off, today is “Scan a Receipt Day (Scan a Receipt of Something You Bought Today)”. Well I did not buy anything today, but I bought some stuff yesterday. Here is part of the receipt:

As you can see from the evidence, ladies and gentlemen, I bought a good iron (unlike the pretty but flimsy failure I had at home that would leak and spit each time I tried to use the ‘steam’ option), a new cover for my ironing board and some nice clothes. Now ya know!

– Okay, so a few other things to share…I put some DVDs and books up for sale on Amazon during the weekend, and within a day I sold four DVDs! Yuss! I didn’t put up much money for them, because I noticed that other people who put up “used” products didn’t ask much either. So the good way to get rid of my stuff was to put things up cheaper than those others. I think I made about $10! Not too shabby, people. I’m pleasantly surprised. So those are all ready to get shipped out tomorrow.

– Choir practice started tonight after a little break from our Winter concert. Things were a little weird, the Cackler sat next to me this time. It was actually much better than having her in back of me. Plus, we chatted a bit and then we put our music down together and mixed them all up. So for a while during choir we sounded like we were playing “Go Fish”. “Do you have two of this or two of that?” “No! Go Fish!” Actually we did get things all sorted out. She also called me a “bad influence” which pleased me.

– I was ecstatic to see that we’ll be singing two songs from the Walt Disney version of “The Lion King”. We’ll sing “The Circle of Life” and…brace yourselves…”Hakuna Matata”. I expect a meercat and warthog to be singing along with us. We’re also singing songs from “Godspell”, “Jekyll and Hyde” (we performed a medley from this musical with another choir director, so I suddenly feel more experienced than the Cackler – she noticed me humming some of the tunes and told me I will need to hum them near her ear because she doesn’t know those songs) and “Beauty and the Beast”. There will be other songs, but I was just beside myself with geeky happiness that I knew I had to share it with all of you.

-Oh and I was able to pick up the CD of our concert tonight! Remember how I told you that I get all critical about how I think we sound in front of the audience? It was hogwash. I need to stop listening to my inner critic, because we really did sound nice! So I’m happy. Thank goodness, right? ;)


8 thoughts on “Welcome, February! Take Your Coat Off and Stay Awhile!

  1. Ah, yes, a great iron is a wonderful thing! You also bought a lot of clothes. Great job on getting some money back by clearing out your old DVDs.

    How exciting y’all are getting to sing some fun Disney songs! I think Hakuna Matata is going to be a great hit. Either the Cackler is mellowed out right now, or you’ve learned to tune her out and ignore her annoying habits.

    I’m glad you finally got your choir recording and listened to how great y’all sound.

  2. I am dismayed to hear that things are going swimmingly with the cackler. I want her to cause a hulabaloo!!!

    And congrats on the sales, it always feels nice to sell something on amazon :) it’s so well put together

  3. You have lots of good stuff to report! I don’t know about this being my month…might just be yours!

    That sounds like a really fun concert you guys are putting together. When you have doubts as you rehearse, just listen to your new cd and relax.

  4. I would take off my coat.. but it’s way to cold out..!

    We always have that inner critic in us.. don’t listen to it ! You are topnotch..! I can’t scan any receipts cause I didn’t buy anything.. if you are such a bad influence then maybe hum the wrong tune in her ear..ha ha!

  5. Eros: I think I’ve learned to tune her out a bit. Not completely, but there’s a big difference!

    Silver: The Lion King is one of my favorite Disney movies, I’m so glad he picked that music for us!

    Churlita: It’s always fun to see the new music on the first day back to choir. We each get a new envelope with all the music.

    Seb: Oops, sorry! I’ll be sure to bring out her annoying side next time! Purely for my blogging friends! :)

    I really love going through Amazon! I sold two more movies yesterday!

    Laura B: I’m thinking kids will really like this next concert. Sometimes our director has his kids in the audience. They loved it when we sang the song from “High School Musical 2”, so I’m sure they’ll love these songs!

    Babybull: Hehe. I like the idea of humming the wrong tune in her ear. >:-)

    Manuel: If she sits next to me from now on, I wonder what kind of info will be available to me from her! Could be interesting.

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