Feb’s Here!

Oh, Feb. Short for February. It is almost here! I have lukewarm feelings about February, since Valentine’s Day occurs within this month. I’m even refusing the idea that it’s on the 14th. An “Anti Valentine’s Day”, suggested by Mistah Sparky Malarkey, will be held the day before. As for the actual 14th day of February, my awesome friend Laura B. has a birthday that day! So I am more than happy to celebrate it as a very Happy Birthday!

It occurred to me while making the holiday list for February that, you all made most of that list! It was up to me to make a few more suggestions, but you MADE the list! Thank you not just very, but exponentially much!

I give you..


1. Scan a Receipt Day (Scan a Receipt of Something You Bought Today)
2. Virtual Holiday Appreciation Day! (Where would you go?)
3. My All-Time Favorite Book Day
4. Sebastien’s T-Shirts Appreciation Day!
5. Pet Appreciation Day (Blog About Your Pets)
6. Act Like a Shark and Bite Random Strangers Today
7. My Dream Car Day (Blog About Your Dream Car)
8. Music of the Hour Day (Your Favorite Tune in That Particular Hour)
9. Share a Recipe Today
10. Greet People in a Different Language Today
11. Anti-Award Show Day
12. Do Your Tasks/Chores Like an Olympic Athlete Day – Pretend You’re Slalom Skiing While You Vacuum, Playing Hockey While You Mop, Curling When You Sweep, A Figure Skater While Preparing A Meal, or a Speed Skater When Moving from Room to Room.
(Opening Ceremonies Of The Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!!!)
13. Anti Valentine’s Day
14. Laura B.’s Birthday!
15. Use your Loose Change for Purchases Today (President’s Day–Lincoln’s Birthday 15th, Washington’s Birthday 22nd)
16. Wear A Mask, Something Purple, Green or Gold, and Some Beads and Eat Fried Dough (A Beignet, Donut, or Funnel Cake) – (it’s Mardi Gras!) Optional: “Give Beads To People Who Flash You…A Smile, Because This Is A Family Friendly Blog!”
17. Blog About Your Favorite President Today
18. Declare Pluto is Still a Planet Today! (Pluto Discovered by American Clyde Tombaugh Today in 1930)
19. Blaxploitation Film Appreciation Day
20. Confront a Problem You Have Today and Solve It
21. Remember to Floss and Brush Your Teeth Today (First woman graduates from dental school, Lucy Hobbs of Cincinnati, Ohio on February 21, 1866)
22. Jessica’s Birthday!
23. Blog About Your Favorite Animal Today
24. Buy a New Decoration for Your Home Today
25. Watch the movie “The Goonies” Today (Sean Astin’s Birthday – 1971)
26. Dress Up All in Black Today (Johnny Cash, the “Man in Black” Born This Day in 1932)
27. National Polar Bear Day
28. Celebrate Shortness Day (for the Shortest Month of the Year)


8 thoughts on “Feb’s Here!

  1. Churlita: Thank ya! :)

    Laura B: I’ve never seen “The Jerk” all the way through but the idea of being excited about the new phone books made my day! Thank you! :)

    Dmarks: I always forget about Groundhog’s Day, mainly because I know that nature is different than the opinion of a freaking groundhog.

    BabyBull: That’s right! We need to be aware of both types of holidays!

    NoRegrets: Of course! And that will totally stand up in court! :)

  2. Haha awesome! Tshirt appreciation day is the day after my birthday, what a coincidence!!!!

    But the day I really can’t wait for is act like a shark and bite people day. It’s going to be amazing. I’m going to roam the shopping aisle at the local safeway, biting random strangers and frightening small children, muhahahahah.

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