Spel Chek Werked Fur Me!

I was looking for an article or two about how we shouldn’t rely only on the Spell Check feature to proofread our letters, especially cover letters sent to employers. The first article made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes. The Spell Check will gloss over words that could be spelled different ways, it won’t catch the word “fore” if you meant “for”, it won’t catch “witch” when you meant “which”. It also will ignore words that are in complete CAPS. Anyway, here is the article. What made me laugh was the sample letter filled with things Spell Check missed.

Why You Should Not Rely on Spell Check to Catch Spelling Mistakes
How much do you depend on spell check? Even though it often flags names of people or places when they are spelled correctly, it comes in handy for making sure about the spelling of many words.
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7 thoughts on “Spel Chek Werked Fur Me!

  1. if it’s an e-mail to a friend, I will look it over and correct any mistakes I see. If it’s a professional correspondence, I will get it proofread before sending it out.

    One of my pet peeves is people who don’t know how/when to use their, there, they’re and your and you’re. Great article. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I use spell check by default on some posts and when I type letters; but ultimately, it’s up to me to go through and proofread. I don’t always catch my own mistakes–particularly, I miss out on it’s and its.

    I find proofreading on the computer time consuming and am prone to missing more errors. I have much better luck reading and proofreading an actual paper in my hands, using a pen. Something about being able to touch and write out corrections makes proofreading much easier for me.

  3. I have noticed that with blogger that when you are trying to post somethng there is no spell check.. I guess the new and improved version expects that we know how to spell.. Even Facebook doesn’t have it.. Nobody wants to learn to spell correctly anymore?

    That sample letter is scary.. funny..

  4. Eros: I prefer to proofread on paper rather than computer too. It is easier to follow and easier to catch mistakes.

    BabyBull: Facebook and Blogger are incredibly trusting of us, aren’t they? :D

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