Fire Now Water?

You remember that little drama I went through back in the Summer when my apartment building caught on fire and a gaggle of us had to move out? So that was fire.

This apartment building deals with water problems, apparently. I’ve only had a few instances where the kitchen sink has backed up and they have dealt with it quickly. Well last week while getting ready for work, I heard a gurgling from my bathtub. There was nothing there, no green or orange goo, no Amityville tar. Hm. Okay, fine. Then I heard a gurgling from my toilet. I pictured the scene on “Seinfeld” where his girlfriend lifted up the toilet seat and the toilet water exploded in her face. But I had to see what the hell was going on, so I nervously lifted up the lid a bit. Nothing. The water was a little low, but I just didn’t think much of it.

Then I heard voices in the hallway. I stepped out to go to work, and the hallway carpet was wet. Something went awry with the pipes, I guess, and there was a huge leak somewhere. The smell was lovely. No sewage smell, thank God, but old, dirty water. They cleaned it up, and a few days after that, someone cleaned the carpet.

Last night I heard more gurgling and then more voices. It happened again.  I heard a maintenance guy say, “You know, if it wasn’t for all this, my life would be boring.” They must’ve been tinkering with stuff all night, I heard some kind of vacuum running in the hallway, but it wasn’t disturbing.

Then this morning I heard the same vacuum thingy and I heard them talking. The cleaning agent or whatever they were using had a strong cherry smell. More like a combination of licorice and cherry. When I left this morning, there was lots of water by the utility area again. Both ends of the hallway. Yuck. I hope things get fixed for good soon. I’m very thankful for our maintenance people.


15 thoughts on “Fire Now Water?

  1. I can totally relate Tara. At least 3 times over the last year and a half the water main has broken down the street, cutting off all water to the park. Didn’t damage any of the homes, but it always took at least a day for repairs. Although, I think I’d much rather deal with water problems than fire.

    Hope they’ve taken care of everything for you.

  2. With all that water.. They could have used it to put out the fire.. Hope that all of this gets taken care of quickly.. I would mention to the Super that you keep hearing this gurgling noise..

  3. It sounds really annoying and I do hope it all gets sorted out but I would love to smell the cherry & licorice. Now I bet that smells lovely.. add a bit of warmed up honey and you have all my favourite smells!

  4. I think you just hit upon one of the main perks of living in a larger complex…mantainance people. My little place of 10 units is manned by the tiny little old owners themselves. The tend to get to stuff at a slower pace, although they aren’t neglectful.

    Hope they are able to get things under control over there :-)

  5. KenV: The only times I’ve experienced broken water mains was when I was working for a different company, and they had us go home early because there wasn’t any water or access to toilets. It was a nice little half-day off, but I know it’s annoying when it affects how things function at home.

    Babybul: Yeah seriously! I’ll see if the gurgling has anything to do with the current problems.

    NoRegrets: Eek, never thought of that! I’ll be extra careful to step around those drains until they fix everything. I don’t want to be grabbed by the creature.

    Churlita: I hope your pipes are in working order!

    Daffy: At first that cherry/licorice smell was overpowering, I couldn’t get over the smell, even after I had left the building and gone into work! But then when I went home for lunch there was the smell of old water, and I missed the cherry smell. I love cherries and licorice, though.

    Laura B: I love my maintenance people. I’m sorry that your maintenance couple is slow to get stuff done, that has got to be frustrating. I’m glad they’re not neglectful, though! Thanks, I hope they get things fixed at the apartment too. Sooner rather than later.

    Tim: Yes, I expect them to say, “We have a vacant room in the next building. Beautiful place, but it does have a major locust infestation. Oh and the walls bleed. But that’s all.”

  6. That sucks. I dread the day my hot water heater finally conks out. Unfortunately, when they do go, they tend to empty from the bottom and all over the basement floor. I hope this issue gets straightened out soon. Maybe they’ll move you to the building built over the ancient burial grounds.

  7. Suze: That’s brilliant! :) It makes perfect sense right about now, seriously.

    AlienCG: Wouldn’t that just be the cherry on top of everything? Plumbing is fine, no fires….but pesky poltergeists. Not sure if I want plumbing problems or ghosts.

  8. I’m glad you have great maintenance people.

    I hate wet carpet…I’ve actually stepped in wet carpet when a boiler at an apt did fail! It was icky feeling! I got a new boiler and my carpet was cleaned. And I’ve had my sink back up a few times in the past. I heard gurgling sounds and a odor coming from the sink. Last year, it was all stuff from the people who lived above me. They were pouring rice and grease down the garbage disposal, thinking it wouldn’t be a problem! Maintenance had to snake the pipes for an hour to de-clog the drains!

    Thank goodness those neighbors are gone; I don’t know what they were thinking when they poured all that gunk down the sink drain!

    I hope the water problem gets solved soon. And any sweet scent beats a foul one any day!

  9. Eros: Yup, the disposal thing happened to me when I was living at my old apartment. Whoever was my neighbor must’ve thrown spaghetti and sauce down the drain, because that’s what came up from mine. I would turn the garbage disposal on and the junk would disappear. Then I’d hear someone else’s disposal turn on and the muck would come back up. It would’ve been amusing if it was a movie.

  10. Seb: No, I guess not! I guess this could be called exciting times, but I know there’s another word for it. :)

    Actually, as of now things are much better (knock on wood). No stinky carpets, no gurgling toilets, not lakes in the hallway. They seem to have cleared things up (more knocking on wood).

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