One More Week of January! Ideas, Please!

Hey everyone! How was the ole weekend? Isn’t it amazing how slow the week can go by, but once that weekend hits it feels like it’s a blink and then it’s over?  Gr. But it was a good weekend while it lasted! Hope you all had a nice one too!

February is almost here, so you know what to do! If you have any holiday ideas you’d like to celebrate, please let me know. Birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are also very welcome. Thank youuuuuu!


Here’s the Cleveland skyline on a much brighter, warmer day last year!


10 thoughts on “One More Week of January! Ideas, Please!

  1. I cannnot believe how this month has flown by! Here are some suggestions for February –

    -February 14 (the evil Valentine’s Day) is my birthday. Forty-seven. That’s unpossible!
    – Blog about your favorite President Day
    – Celebrate Shortness Day (for the shortest month of the year)
    – Blaxploitation Film Appreciation Day
    – My All-Time Favorite Book Day

    Thanks, Tara :-)

  2. Something to do with all the award shows that are taking place.. Ummmm.. I’m thinking… Ummm..

    maybe Anti-Award Show Day: How can we go on without them?

    Sebastiens T-Shirt Appreciation Day! (just because they are very cool)!

    Virtual Holiday Appreciation Day! Where would you go?

    What About Your Pet Day?

  3. 12 Feb–Do your tasks/chores like an Olympic Athlete Day–pretend you’re slalom skiing while you vacuum, playing hockey while you mop, curling when you sweep, a figure skater while preparing a meal, or a speed skater when moving from room to room.
    (Opening Ceremonies of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics!!!)

    15 Feb–Use your Loose change for purchases today
    (President’s Day–Lincoln’s bday 15, Washington bday 22).

    16 Feb–Wear a mask, something purple, green, or gold, and some beads, and eat fried dough (a beignet, donut, or funnel cake).
    (Mardi Gras!)
    Optional: Give beads to people who flash you…a smile, because this is a family friendly blog ; )

    18 Feb–Declare Pluto is still a planet day!
    Pluto discovered by American Clyde Tombaugh today in 1930)

  4. Laura B.: I must certainly celebrate your birthday on here! And I love your other ideas. The Blaxploitation Film Day made me laugh because I just saw a skit on MadTV that was doing something like that.

    Babybull: Very good holidays, thank you! I’m looking forward to celebrating all of these!

    Manuel: Thank you, consider it added!

    Eros: I love your holiday for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics! Thank you for all of the holidays, these will be fun!

  5. I don’t know where the weekends seem to go either! I like all the suggestions so far, here are a few random ones:
    – my dream car day
    – music of the hour day (your favourite tune in that particular hour)
    – share a recipe day
    – scan a receipt day (scan a receipt of something you bought that day)

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