Feel Possessed to Donate to Linda Blair’s Charity Today (Linda Blair’s Birthday – 1959)

Laura B.’s brush with The Fonz got me thinking about the time I met Linda Blair. It is her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Ms. Blair! I posted a brief story after I met her, and also last year…or maybe it was a few years ago. Anyway, I knew that I had typed it out in more detail somewhere else. I thought it was on my blog, but no, I finally found it on another social networking site I used to visit all the time. So here’s the full story from August 7th, 2005:

My manager told me about the “Twisted Nightmare Convention” that was on this weekend at a nearby hotel. He told me that Linda Blair from “The Exorcist” would be there. I was afraid I would miss it, but I found out last night that she would be back on Sunday. So I wore my Ghostbusters shirt since I was going to a horror convention, and drove out there. I was able to get a close parking spot and hurried into the hall.

Darth Vader and his buddies were there, tormenting little kids, and then I walked up to one end of a display table where it had Linda Blair’s photo and website posted. She’s president and founder of an animal and human welfare organization called “World Heart Foundation”. I’ll attach the link. I’m standing there looking at the brochures when I recognize her voice at the other end of the table. Sure enough, there she was with a friend signing autographs. I just about died, I was so excited, and I wasn’t in a long line at all. In fact, I was almost there.

I had come prepared. Last night I had printed out a photo of her possessed character in “The Exorcist” and I even brought my camera and my own permanent marker for her to sign with. I wasn’t prepared for it to be this easy, though, I thought I’d have to approach her after she lectured about her foundation. A nearby flyer told me that for fifteen bucks I could get her autograph and a picture taken with her. The money would go towards her animal welfare foundation.

The line was getting shorter, and I was shaking. I paid the money and waited. There was a guy in front of me who went up to her with one DVD cover for her to sign and three cans of pea soup. Hehe. She signed every single thing. She said she’s a “vegan”, but it took her a long time to be able to eat pea soup. So after he left, Linda Blair looked right at me and I introduced myself and shook her hand. EEK! She signed her autograph using the pen I provided, even though she had several for whatever color picture you had of her or the movie. She and her friend got on the subject of how my name is from “Gone with the Wind” and then once she signed, she got up and this guy took my camera to use for the photo. She stood next to me with her arm around my shoulder and I noticed that we were almost the same height. Just a minor observance, but notable.

After the photo was taken, I thanked her again, and then rushed away to savor the moment. Then I went back into the vendor area and bought some crap. It was great, I was beaming from ear to ear, and my face felt all flushed. This was the first time I’ve ever had my picture taken with a celebrity, let alone an actor from one of my favorite horror movies!

Here are photos from the convention, along with a copy of the photo with Linda Blair.

Linda Blair's Autograph!


7 thoughts on “Feel Possessed to Donate to Linda Blair’s Charity Today (Linda Blair’s Birthday – 1959)

  1. Churlita: Thank you! I was a very happy fan that day.

    Babybull: Yeah, I think I posted it back when it first happened….2005 I think.

    Laura B: Thanks! :) I’m happy I found it too, because I thought I was either going nuts or I had erased the story somehow.

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