Bellydance Superstah

Last night after I did everything I was supposed to do, I played my Itunes, especially the upbeat songs from “Slumdog Millionaire”, and danced, danced, danced. Tried to remember the belly dancing moves our instructor taught us when my friends and I took a couple of classes. I was out of practice with one move where I have to bend backwards while swishing my arms up and down.

After that, I played on my Wii Fit Plus. They have a game where you’re supposed to chuck snowballs at opponents and hit as many as possible before either your time is up or someone has hit you. I love that game, I think it’s supposed to help you with reflexes and balance.

I also made a short video of my cat. She was really into the game of catch until I turned the video camera on her and she slowed down a bit. I’ll be torturing you guys with the vid later on today.

Then today I woke up earlier than I normally make myself, and did some more exercises on the Wii. The animated Wii guy was happy with me this morning. I lost 2.6lbs! Woot! I think I’m supposed to lose 3 more to reach the small goal I made for myself.

I’m sleepy now. I have to go into a class tonight and explain some things. Blah…I’m sorry wrong approach. I meant…Yay!!


13 thoughts on “Bellydance Superstah

  1. I’ve been thinking about the Wii fit plus as it is much better than the regular Wii fit.. so time will tell if I get it or not.. maybe my Birthday.. Glad to see you are using it.. Are there many games for it? I’m not one for exercising and that is why I chose the wii in the first place.. I love tennis and bowling and boxing..

  2. Sounds like a fun time. We recently connected up our Wii again, I picked up Lego Batman at Christmas. Our Wii Fit disk is packed up in storage but I am a bit desperate to get fit and healthy again. I might even try Wii Fit Plus. Congratulations on the weight loss, that’s a good amount to lose! Pretty good goal orientation Tara!

  3. Churlita : Ha, thanks, yes I am quite skilled at entertaining myself. I loved our belly dancing classes, there was always a good turnout of participants, and we’d all dance in a big circle.

    Silver: The Wii Fit Plus has so much more, so even if you don’t feel like doing yoga or stretches, the games themselves help you with that part.

    Babybull: There are lots of games on Wii Fit Plus, and I haven’t even checked out all of them. The tennis, bowling and boxing on the regular Wii disc are fun too.

    NoRegrets: America’s Funniest Home Videos shows clips of people absentmindedly smacking their friends in the face with the controls. Lol.

    Tim: Soon, soon, soon!

    Suze: That Wii Fit person is so smug. Mine says, “Too busy to work out yesterday, eh Tara?” I wind up giving him the finger. The yoga guide also has the nerve to tell me, “You’re a little shaky!” when I do my “tree pose”.

    FW: Thank you! I’d like to keep up the progress, I don’t want to disappoint my Wii guy! :) At the risk of sounding like a commercial, you should definitely get the Wii Fit Plus! Your kids would like it too.

  4. I’m proud of you for the weight loss. Keep it up! It always makes me laugh when the trainer for yoga says something like, “You’re a little unsteady…” after I’ve fallen completely off the board. :)

  5. Ksra: Hey there! How on Earth are you?? Thank you, I was pretty happy about losing weight..I went up a bit after that, but lost more over the weekend and yesterday. Not much, but it’s starting to motivate me to eat better. I have completely lost my balance during the “tree pose” and have stumbled off, and the yoga girl tells me “You’re a little shaky!” I’m glad they don’t have a camera on me.

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