Losing my mind? At 35? Nah.

– While grocery shopping after work tonight, I called my mom and asked her what she wanted me to buy for her. She told me and we chatted a bit while I awkwardly but swiftly moved my shopping cart around the store. Then, by the gourmet cheese section, she told me to say “hello” to Joshua, her cat. We’ve done this in the past, whenever I call her, Joshua, her orange Tabby, jumps up on her couch and seems to want to take the phone. Then I usually say, in a very high pitched, silly voice, “Hi Joshua! How you doing, BeeBee!!” And then I make some other noises to get him interested in the phone. By then he has walked away. So again, while I’m in the middle of a public place my mom tells me to say “hi” to her cat. So I did, but it was a condensed version. I glanced around and was suddenly amused by a balding guy who was staring at me seriously from a distance. I reminded my mom that I was in a public place and she said, “I know…” She’s diabolical.

– I ordered some stuff off of Amazon today, and it was all music. I bought the greatest hits of Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty and Paul McCartney. I’m not even a huge McCartney fan, but I loved the song with him and Michael Jackson called, “Say, Say, Say”. So I looked that up, and there were a few other songs that I remembered and liked. I can’t wait for them to get here. I heard Stevie Wonder’s song “Superstition” on the radio the other day and realized that I’ve loved all of his songs. My youngest brother sent me a mixed tape once with Wonder’s song “Sir Duke” on it, and I was hooked.

– Oh and I figured I should clean out my fridge today after my big shopping event. During that project, I found an almost entirely new box of aluminum foil in my fridge. Yeah, you read that right. Instead of storing the foil in the cupboards, I stored it in the fridge. I was either losing my mind that day or just ready for a day off.

– That’s pretty much it right now. I’m in my PJs listening to ITunes on Shuffle, and just relaxing. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


7 thoughts on “Losing my mind? At 35? Nah.

  1. I have visions of you talking to the cat on the phone.. that’s pretty funny stuff.. Stevie Wonder is amazing.. I love a lot of his songs too! Have a funtastic weekend!

  2. Ha! That’s very nice of you to humor Joshua. I try to avoid calls in public. I have this friend who called a few times while I was in public, and she alternated between talking to me and yelling at her kids, which was loud to my ears and everyone around me could hear her! Needless to say, those conversations ended up real quick with me hanging up the phone and pretending we got cut off..

  3. hee hee! I like imagining you crooning to the kitty in front of the gourmet cheeses :-)

    I think you made some great choices! I like all those artists and going with greatest hits compilation is never a bad idea…you know what you’re getting that way.

    Yay for finding bonus foil! I can picture all too easily how it could end up there.

    Hope you are having a great, long weekend.

  4. Babybull: I hope you had a funtastic weekend too! :) Sometimes I have my mom talk to my cat over the phone. It’s during those moments when I’ve realized we’ve both lost our minds.

    Suze: You DID say it out loud! Thank you for that. Hehe.

    Eros: I don’t usually like to talk on the phone in public, but my main reason for calling my mom was to ask her what she needed from the store. Then the conversation took a turn for the ridiculous. :)

    Laura B.: Thank you! I can’t wait to get my music! I should get it this week some time.

    Churlita: I don’t even have one song from Stevie Wonder, so I figured it was due time. Overdue in fact.

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