“Jerry, look at me. Am I a hipster-doofus?”

You Are Normal

Hipster or hip, it’s all the same to you. You don’t concern yourself with trends.
Your taste is very mainstream, and you don’t apologize for it!

You don’t even really understand hipsters. In fact, you sometimes mistake them for homeless people.
You think impressing other people with your hip-ness is highly overrated. You may not be ironic or complex with your tastes, but at least you’re happy!


5 thoughts on ““Jerry, look at me. Am I a hipster-doofus?”

  1. You Are Hip
    You are definitely not a hipster, but you are often on the cutting edge of trends.
    You are proud of your taste. You like what you like, and you never try to show off how obscure or ironic you are.

    You are into good food, good music, and good fashion. You are well known for your discoveries.
    You don’t mind if the things you love eventually become mainstream. You may be hip, but you don’t have a complex about it!

    Wow….from the sound of this, I really like me! I’m awesome! haha :-)

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