Work Day Wednesday

– I have a nickname at work! I am Cranberry Jill. Let me explain. Remember when I blogged about how a coworker called me “green bean” because I wore green that day? Now you do, cuz I just recapped for ya! Ha! Anyway, I have a cranberry-colored Winter coat. I love that thing. And now I have a cranberry-colored scarf to match. So the first time my coworker saw me with that coat, she thought for a moment and then said, “Hey Cranberry!” So then about a week later I had left a message for one of our vendors, left my name (not Jill) and to call me back. A guy called me and asked, “Is this Jill?” He was actually looking for me, he was our vendor. But apparently someone else played back the message and got “Jill” from “Tara”. Happens all the time. I told my coworker because I was easily amused, and she started calling me “Cranberry Jill”. We giggle about that name, because it kind of sounds like something a prostitute might name herself. But still, I am Cranberry Jill.

– A student, M, came in today to tell me she had good news and bad news. She was being kicked out of her relative’s place, but had found a place for herself and also a job. She said her relative was always insulting her, so I told her that it was a good thing she was moving out, because she doesn’t need that kind of aggravation. The two of us have had quite an experience meeting each other. When I first met her, we started off on the wrong foot. She wanted resume assistance, yet she completely rejected all of my ideas and the edits I made. But she didn’t exactly tell me right off the bat. She told one of my coworkers from a completely different department, but not me. She and her friend went to class, then I went to lunch. When I came back, the resume I helped fix for her was wedged in between my door and the door handle, and she had left a note saying she disapproved of my adjustments. Eventually that was all patched up and she was much nicer and we could talk to each other. She calls me Ms. Tara now.

– Last night after cleaning up the kitchen I brought out the new soap supplies I bought at the craft store (the blocks of soap were on sale, whoop, whoop!) last weekend, played my Brian Regan CD and had lots of fun making various shapes of soap. Here’s what they look like now:


10 thoughts on “Work Day Wednesday

  1. Ha ha.. very cute.. a friend of mine has a nickname for me and I one for her.. she is Boopsey and I am Lucy.. I can’t recall how that came about but I ought to ask her if she remembers .. as a kid I was also called a nickname or two and they weren’t as funny or cute..Thankfully only a few even remember that happening.. The soaps look amazing.. I love the little leaf shapes.. Do you have assorted molds for your soaps? And do you need a thermometer for checking the heat of the wax..?

  2. Cranberry Jill is a fun nickname!!!

    The fact that you made great progress with M in spite of the rough start shows great professionalism and compassion on your part. Great job, Tara. This student obviously trusts you to share the hard parts of life.

    The soaps look fantastic! So colorful and detailed and charming! Excellent work!

  3. haha! I like the name Cranberry Jill….sort of like Blueberry Hill (I found my thrill….) :-D

    I agree with what eroswings said about the M. situation. Those students are so lucky to have you there.

    I LOVE your soaps. Are they scented?

  4. Babybull40: Boopsey and Lucy! Those are cute and fun to remember!
    As for the soap, I don’t use a thermometer, but I have learned from past bloopers that, if the soap is boiling, it’s way too hot to put in the mold, the mold will melt. So if I think the soap is too hot, I let it sit for a minute or two. Oh and yes I have lots of assorted molds now! I bought a few that are textured on one side for massage! You can rub the bar on your shoulders and palms and such.

    Seb: How about Star Bear Extraordinaire? Too long?

    Eros: Thank you! I’ve had so many people come into my office to tell me their life stories and dramas. I could totally be a therapist trainee! :P

    And thank you about the soaps, too!

    NoRegrets: I thought that after I took a photo of them!

    Silver: Not difficult at all, there are only a few steps!

    Laura B.: That’s funny, I thought about “Blueberry Hill” too and tried to replace “Blueberry Hill” with Cranberry Jill. It sounded naughty. Hehe.

    Thank you so much for your comment about M and the other students. Sometimes I feel like I don’t make a difference, but then something will happen or a student will say something really nice and it gives me a huge boost!

    Oh and no, the soaps aren’t scented…at least not those. Even though there isn’t any perfume in them, there is still a slight, clean, natural scent. This soap is good for the skin, too!

  5. It’s funny how some friendships develop despite a seemingly poor start, its happened to me a few times. The soaps look very professional Tara! Much prettier than any soap I’ve seen.

  6. FW: Thank you! Hopefully they’ll have flower-shaped soap molds for the Spring season!

    Churlita: Aw, yeah! That’s much better than what my coworker and I thought of the name. I’m going with your take on it!

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