No Skeletons

I thought I’d celebrate one of the Eclectic holidays from a few days ago, “Show Us Your Closet Day”. Here is the inside of my clothes closet:

It may look cluttered up on the shelves, but everything pretty much has its place. I did not take a photo while my laundry basket was in there, because….well I haven’t done the laundry yet and nobody needs to see a heap of dirty clothes.


10 thoughts on “No Skeletons

  1. I would be scared to show off my closet.. it’s not all organized and I would find a skeleton or two inside..

    Your’s is very nice and neat.. Nicely done!

  2. It’s so organized compared to mine! Mine is completely full of boxes from when I originally moved out of my parents home. I meant to eventually bring the boxes with me when I got settled somewhere but that never happened-now I have no where to put the stuff so it’s staying packed away.

  3. Hey, that is a very clean and organized looking closet.

    I rotated my seasonal clothes a month ago before it go really cold. This way, jackets and winter clothing are front and foremost, easy to reach.

    Looks like you got the holiday decorations all packed up, too!

  4. Churlita: Thanks! You could always get one of the things I have in my closet, the white Rubbermaid thingy with drawers. I want to buy another one.

    Silver: My coat closet was the one that had lots of boxes in it from when I had to move from one apartment to the next. Finally got that sorted out, but I could probably give it another review to get rid of leftover clutter.

    Laura B: That’s true! Plus, when I remember to close my closet doors, all of that stuff is hidden.

    Tim: Take a photo of it! Inquiring minds need to know.

    Eros: Thanks! That’s a good idea to rotate the seasonal clothes. I kind of have it like that with the sweaters easily accessible. I have most of my holiday decorations put away, but not all. Christmas went so fast and weird, I’m not quite ready to let go. :)

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