No Brimstone, Just Bad Streets

We’ve got some snow on the ground over here. It’s actually been plaguing us all week, Monday’s drive into work was stressful and irritating. Then the weather people were starting to go all doom and gloom again, talking about the Winter Storm Watch and the Lake Effect Snow. It started yesterday and lasted all day. It’s actually not snowing now. From where I’m sitting it actually looks pretty on the trees, and the thick blanket of snow has been untouched near the woods, so it’s smooth, sparkely and pretty.

I worked late last night and that actually became an advantage. I started my car, and while that was defrosting and warming up, I brushed as much snow off my car as possible. Then I got in my car, said a prayer and headed out. Since it was way past rush hour, I didn’t have anyone riding my bumper, trying to get me to drive faster on the bad streets. I just listened to Dido and Beck on my CD adapter and drove carefully. A few huge SUVs did pass me, but that’s their story. A plow passed me too, but his shovel wasn’t down.

Once I was only minutes from home I felt energized and stopped at the store to pick up some milk, Triscuits, batteries and the Apatow movie “Knocked Up”. I looked for Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream again, but it wasn’t on the shelves. I’ll have to look elsewhere. But that could wait till the weekend. I headed on out, got home and it was so nice. I felt empowered enough to bag up all of the stinky garbage and take that out to the trash. Then I was completely done with chores for the night.

Wasn’t this an exciting post? :P


10 thoughts on “No Brimstone, Just Bad Streets

  1. Churlita: Thank you! I think taking a national hibernation month off is a brilliant idea. I’ll write a letter to President Obama!

    Silver: I usually have to psyche myself into driving in the snow somehow, even though our Ohio Winters are always moody and usually involve snows like this.

    Laura B.: I will post more life posts, thank you to you and Churlita! :) I finally found my favorite ice cream at a different grocery store. There were two left so I bought both. Muah ha ha. I’m good for at least two days.

    KenV: I like watching “Knocked Up”, but if you don’t like hearing the “F” word every other minute, I wouldn’t advise renting the movie. Watching an edited version is actually more amusing and you can enjoy the point of the movie much better. I recorded it when it was on TV once. It was on the E! Channel. It is funny and cute and romantic (in some scenes) either way, though.

    Eros: Love coming home to good snacks!

  2. We’ve got lots of snow at the moment too, and we’re totally unprepared. Actually it’s gone all icy now, with is even more annoying.

    I’m even beginning to think it doesn’t look pretty anymore. READY FOR JUNE NOW!

  3. Tim: I hope you don’t have to spend too much time on the road, but be careful out there.

    I’m totally ready for Summer. If it were up to me, we’d only have three seasons: Summer, Spring and Fall.

  4. Glad you got home safely..

    We only had a slight dusting here then rain for a couple of days.. but it was fairly mild.. Now we have snow and it’s bitter cold out.. I wish it was April already..

  5. BabyBull: Now your weather is matched up with us. It was terribly cold out yesterday and apparently it’s not over. Plus it’s snowing again here. Because April is still a bit unpredictable over here, I’m going to wish for it to be May. Or whenever Spring actually gets here.

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