Blog About One of Your Recurring New Years Resolutions Day

Back in December of 2007 I made a list of resolutions for myself. Here’s one of the resolutions I blogged about:

***New Year’s Resolution #2: Stop Worrying So Much! – I’m a nervous person in general, but there are too many times when I find myself consumed by worry. Not the important stuff, either, like world peace, the environment or the fact that the icebergs are melting and we might wind up buried in snow with Jake Gyllenhaal like that movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. I worry what people think of me, I worry if my family members are mad at me for something I’m not aware of, I worry about emails that go unanswered…Well you name it. It’s not like I lose too much sleep over this stuff, but I do think about things like that wayyyyyy too much. So I’d like to fix that habit as well. That might be more challenging. I won’t say impossible, because that’s negative. But to say that I’m going to stop worrying so much is like saying I’m going to change my whole personality with the snap of my fingers.***

Well I have noticed a change in my thoughts. I really don’t worry as much about the little things! I’m not cured of it, but I notice the difference. Yes I will worry about my mom and sometimes I’ll worry about my job. But aside from that…meh. I’m much more at ease.

If you make resolutions each year, is there one that keeps popping up that you keep resolving to…um…resolve?


12 thoughts on “Blog About One of Your Recurring New Years Resolutions Day

  1. It’s great that you have been able to bring about some change in yourself. I would say I have a similar sort of resolution that comes up again and again…..getting out of my own head and my crazy thought patterns more often :-) I work on it all the time, but I’m not sure how much better I am doing…if you read my blog you’d say, ‘not much!’ Oh well….there is a whole new year ahead to work with.

  2. Excellent progress on your resolution!

    I have to remind myself every now and then to take time and enjoy life. And not worry so much about the past. It’s all ready happened; nothing can change that. All I can do is move forward or I’ll never get to where I want to be.

  3. I can relate to this resolution! I’m a worrier by nature. I remember when I was a little kid, my teacher said I shouldn’t worry so much, she called me a ‘worry-wart’. haha, that always stuck with me :)

    I’m going to hop on your band wagon and try and improve my worrying (by which I mean lessen it!).

  4. I made three resolutions this year, all kind of related to one another. I’ll blog about them soon.

    In other news: I planted my Christmas card today! Let’s see if it grows, or if it’s just another variety of plant that I’ll end up killing!!

  5. Laura B.: Oh I can’t say that I’m ever going to get out of my own head, but if it’s filled with lots of little worries, there won’t be enough room for fun, silly thoughts.

    FW: That’s quite a resolution! Best of luck with moving!

    KenV (frmrly 3GK): Hi! I love that quote from Crowley. Thanks for visiting my blog, come back often!

    Eros: Thank you! Yeah, I have a habit of looking back and regretting stuff I’ve said or done in the past, and I need to stop doing that.

    Seb: My mom has called me a “worry-wart” from time to time! Let’s coordinate our worry-wart watches and both worry less this year! :)

    Churlita: That’s a smart approach! I’ve made big changes in my life in the past without ever making those a New Year’s resolution. When I was ready, I changed.

    Tim: I’m glad you got the plantable Christmas card! Did it arrive on time? Wasn’t sure if it would or not. I hope the card grows well for you! I still have some cards left, maybe I should try growing one. I look forward to reading your resolution post!

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