Buy a Coloring Book and Crayons and Use Them

Today’s holiday suggests that we buy a coloring book and some crayons and….you know….actually use them! Well I did! Okay, so I may have bought the coloring book(s) a few years ago with the crayons. But they were there in a drawer, waiting to be used again. I went home for lunch (the streets were actually clear rather than caked with snow and ice) and picked out something to color for you. Here it is:

That was fun! I did it while watching “Mad TV” and eating my lunch. I had an egg sandwich, two sausage links and a glass of skim milk. I’m sure you needed to know that piece of info! Now ya know!


7 thoughts on “Buy a Coloring Book and Crayons and Use Them

  1. Manuel: A Hulk coloring book? That’s awesome, yes definitely have a coloring book day!

    Eros: It was a very good breakfast – course I had it during lunch, but who says I can’t have toast, eggs and sausage for lunch, right?

  2. Love your butterfuly and I love coloring. It is so relaxing Maybe I will have to at least borrow one of Miss Personality’s.

    Hey, I am having an egg salad sammich for lunch today! Close, right? haha!

  3. Silver: Go to a dollar store and some coloring supplies! Go….now! :)

    Laura B: Thank you! You should borrow a coloring book from Miss Personality. Coloring is relaxing, I just don’t do it as often as I should!

    Churlita: I didn’t realize I had two coloring books stashed away. Two! That’s a lot of coloring to do!

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