Eat an Apple/Apple Concoction (Isaac Newton’s Birthday)

Today is Isaac Newton’s birthday! He was the dude who was hit by an apple and was inspired to formulate his theory about gravity.

So in honor of Mr. Newton’s birthday, let’s eat an apple or some kind of apple concoction. Here’s an Apple computer. Start eating! I’m sure Newton would be glad that an apple fell on his head rather than one of these things:

Happy Birthday, Isaac Newton!

10 thoughts on “Eat an Apple/Apple Concoction (Isaac Newton’s Birthday)

  1. Silver: Isaac appreciates your birthday wishes, wherever he’s at right now.

    Suze: I didn’t even notice Google’s homepage until you mentioned something! Cool graphics they added on there with the falling apple!

    Laura B.: Mmm, yeah. I could go for some apple pie…with vanilla ice cream..

    Tim: Good idea! Appreciate your Apple Magic Mouse, especially for all of us who don’t have any Apple hardware.

    Churlita: Yeah – I’ll have one Apple computer please. Maybe two.

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