“Bon Appetit!”

I experimented in the kitchen today, and both turned out just the way they looked on screen. I got both from the movie “Julie and Julia”. This morning I made a poached egg. I was so proud, the finished product turned out all neat and cute. Wasn’t crazy about how it tasted, I made sausage with it and I let the egg get cold. But I’m just happy it looked great.

Then the recipe I was really looking forward to trying was one that Amy Adams’s character made before beginning her blogging quest of making everything in the Julia Childs’s cookbook and blogging about it each day. She made bruschetta. So I bought all of the ingredients the other day and made it this afternoon. It turned out….amazing. I didn’t take a photo before devouring it, though, so I made it again for dinner. I’m totally stuffed, now, but now you have a photo of the bruschetta. Sorry for the blurriness:

I’d love to try “beef bourguignon”, so maybe…maybe that’ll be the next cooking experiment!

Here’s the movie trailer for “Julie and Julia”:


11 thoughts on ““Bon Appetit!”

  1. I still haven’t seen that movie and I keep thinking how cute it looks. Your bruschetta looks amazing! Thanks for making it again so that we could see it :-) Make sure to let us know how that beef bourguignon works out too.

  2. I’ve not seen that movie yet either but I noticed it may be nominated for a golden globe… I’ll have to give it a go!
    That looks lovely though! Blurry or not, I’d still eat it!
    Ooooh photos of the Beef when you do it too!
    and a Happy New Year to you! xx

  3. Laura B.: You should rent it and see what you think. It’s a great movie! I’ll definitely post something about the beef bourguignon when I decide to make it!

    Daffy: Happy New Year! I hope it gets a Golden Globe award!

    Silver: I’d like to read Powell’s book now. The bruscetta was really good, I was so pleased that it turned out so well!

    Churlita: I’m glad you liked it, I did too. I’ve seen it three or four times already. But it’s not a movie to watch when you’re starving. I agree, Meryl Streep was excellent.

  4. I have yet to make a poached egg I’m proud of – and putting vinegar in the water seems wrong – I gave up on poached eggs long ago and focused my attention on the perfect over-easy fried egg and now have mastered that instead.

    Cooking and eating are my favorite things in the world – enjoy and share.

  5. Abroad: I made a fried egg yesterday and was actually able to flip it in the skillet! The egg tasted much better than the poached egg I made.

    I hope to make the bruscetta for my mom this weekend.

  6. Seb: I was trying to look for an easy boeuf bourgignon recipe, but the ones I ran into had a long list of ingredients. They made it look so easy in “Julie and Julia”. :) But I have to try it!

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