Drink Some Hot Chocolate Today

Hey everybody! Happy New Year!! Whoop, whoop, jingle jangle! I hope you stayed safe and had a great time, whatever you decided to do last night! I watched “Paranormal Activity” like I said I would, and this time I waited till night time, turned off all the lights so that the only thing I could see was the glow from the TV set, and then curled up on the couch, hoping to get scared out of my wits. I did find things to be creepier than I did when I saw the movie in the theater. As for being scared out of my wits, well…I wasn’t. But there’s always next time.

Anyway, to kick off January 2010, the calendar tells us to drink some hot chocolate today. That’s exactly what I did this afternoon. I used a huge cup my mom had given me for my birthday one year, then poured in some hot chocolate, two packets of mini marshmallows (there was a spare packet in the box, I don’t know why), a mountain of whipped cream and, for the finale, I stuck a candy cane into the mix. Here’s the finished product (before I drank it all up):


10 thoughts on “Drink Some Hot Chocolate Today

  1. Laura B: When I picked up my mom at the hospital last month, someone was making hot chocolate in the physical therapy department and it smelled sooo good.

    FW: It was a treat! You should have some soon!

    Churlita: Happy New Year to you too! 2010 had better be a much better year.

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