31 Ways to Celebrate January 2010!

You know it….you know it well. It is the Eclectic calendar which you helped to create! Tomorrow will be January of a whole new year. Thank you again for your special days, they helped a great deal! And thank you all for being fun, lovely, inspiring and awesome. Hugs all around!..They’ll have to virtual hugs, though, I don’t want to give you my cold. But the sentiment is definitely there!


1. Drink Some Hot Chocolate Day
2. Hibernation Day
3. Look Back at Your Favorite Blog Post of 2009
4. Girlie Girl’s 17th Birthday!/Eat an Apple/Apple Concoction (Issac Newton’s Birthday)
5. Buy a Coloring Book and Crayons and Use Them
6. Blog About One of Your Recurring New Years Resolutions Day
7. Show Us Your Closet Day (Post a photo of the inside of your clothes closet)
8. What’s in Your Handbag? (Take a Photo or Make a List of Things in Your Handbag or Purse)
9. Top Cat Care Tips
10. Top Ten Tunes – Listen to a Top Ten List of Songs Made up of Hits, One Hit Song from each Year in the Past Decade (2000-2010)
11. Live on Less than Five Dollars/Pounds for One Day
12. Three Wishes for 2010
13. Imagine Five Things You Could Do to Torture the Most Annoying Person in Your Life
14. Clean Off Your Desk Day
15. Pets Past – a Remembrance Day for Past Pets No Longer with Us
16. Poster Power – What’s Your Favorite Poster?
17. In a Deep, Menacing Voice, Implore Someone to Come to the Dark Side Today (James Earl Jones’s Birthday – 1931)
18. Commit Yourself Today (Whatever you plan on doing, commit to it!)
19. List Your ‘Top of The Blogs’
20. Find as Many Opportunities to Shout, “For God’s Sake Jim!!” Today, Even If You’re Not Talking to a Jim (Jackson DeForest Kelley’s Birthday – 1920)
21. Hugging Day (National – U.S.)
22. Feel Possessed to Donate to Linda Blair’s Charity Today (Linda Blair’s Birthday – 1959)
23. Make Something Out of Nothing Today Like McGyver (Richard Dean Anderson’s Birthday – 1950)
24. Get a Neil Diamond Song Stuck in Your Head Today (Neil Diamond’s Birthday – 1941)
25. Eleven More Months Until Christmas 2010! Start Shopping!
26. Say “G’day” Today (Australia Day)
27. Slipper Appreciation Day
28. Video Game Appreciation Day
29. Learn a New Word and Use it in a Post
30. Find Your Inner Animal Spirit Today
31. Arthritis Awareness Day (Twist-Off Bottle Cap Invented, 1956)



7 thoughts on “31 Ways to Celebrate January 2010!

  1. I’m *loving* the idea for the 20th!!!

    I shall, however, be abstaining from the events of the 14th, because quite frankly it would take up the rest of the month.

    Happy New Year, Tara!

  2. Fantastic job, Tara!

    I’m all ready drinking hot chocolate as I’m checking out the blogs real quick. Then I’m starting Hibernation day early as soon as I finish checking blogs.

    Happy New Year, Tara!

  3. Laura B.: Looks like it’s gonna be a snowy weekend over here, so the first two days will come in handy right away!

    IDV: Thank you so much, IDV! Happy New Year to you too! I definitely had to celebrate the first holiday.

    Tim: Yeah, cleaning off my desk at work would take more than a day or two. Have fun on the 20th! When I found out Mr. Kelly’s birthday was in January, you know I had to post something. Happy, happy New Year to you too!

    Eros: Thank you! I fixed myself a huge cup of hot chocolate about an hour ago, complete with whipped cream and a candy cane. Yum! A very Happy New Year to you too!

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