That Strange, Enchanted Time

I’ve got the eclectic calendar almost finished, but if there are any last minute suggestions, just shoot them over to me! We still have a few more days left.

It’s the last week of the year, and I’m back at work. It’s quiet and we’re pretty relaxed. Yesterday I reminded the receptionist that, if they let us go early, to please let me know because I feel isolated back in my little office. So about a quarter till 5pm yesterday, I got a call from her saying that a few people are making the rounds, turning off lights and checking offices. One of my coworkers came in and he said he was from the “No Coworker Left Behind Program”. Hehe.

The small group of us left work and spent a good 5, 10 minutes brushing the snow off of our cars from the “lake effect” storm we had the night before and during that entire day. “Lake effect” sounds scary. When we hear that on the news, we roll our eyes and know that some of it is bound to hit us.

During the past month, I kept thinking I was getting a cold. I’d wake up and have the sniffles and sneezes. Then they’d wear off during the day and I’d be fine. But now I think I have an official cold. My head is all stuffy, one ear is blocked and my throat is scratchy. I’m thinking New Year’s Eve will consist of lazing around on my comfy couch while drinking either tea, hot chocolate or coffee (or all of the above) and watching some movies. Who says we have to venture outside in the cold, into a crowded, public place just to watch the new year come in? The new year will be here no matter where we are or what we’re doing.


6 thoughts on “That Strange, Enchanted Time

  1. “The new year will be here no matter where we are or what we’re doing.”

    That’s a very good point, and I think you’re very wise to stay in with movies and coffee. I’ll be with my family – I actually hate going out on New Years – it’s so overrated!

  2. The “No Co-Worker Left Behind” thing made me laugh :-)

    I’m sorry you have a cold. Hopefully it will pass quickly!

    I think NYE is the worst time to go out. I think staying in, warm and peaceful, is the best way to ring in a brand new year.

  3. Get Well Soon, Tara!

    That’s funny what your coworker said, about no one being left behind. It’s a nice end to the work day. I like watching the snow fall, playing in the snow making snowmen and snow angels. But it sure is a lot of work to clean that stuff off your driveway and car! Then it makes driving conditions challenging. And it’s cold! But it’s a good excuse for having a hot cup of tea or chocolate.

    Enjoy your New Year’s Eve. Cheers, Tara!


    P.S. I left some calendar ideas about two posts ago–I kind of jumped a tad early on that one :) Stay warm and safe and cozy.

  4. Tim: Have a fun time with your fam! The original plan for me was to go to my mom’s place on New Year’s Eve, but we might be getting snow and both decided that it would be better if I came over on New Year’s day for an early dinner.

    Laura B: One time a coworker suggested we meet up with guys she met online and go Downtown to a bar for New Year’s Eve! Um….hm. Tempting, but no way in hell.

    AlienCG: Do not get a cold for New Year’s Eve or Day. And I agree, the snow has only been here for about a week now, and I’m already tired of it too.

    Eros: Thank you! I’m definitely drinking lots of tea and taking my cold meds! :) And thank you for the early holiday suggestions! I thought I had already put them on the list! They’re on there now!

    You have a fun and safe New Year too, Eros!

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