Christmas Details and Calendar Ideas for 2010, Please!

Hey everyone! How did Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Festivus turn out for all of you? Our family enjoyed Christmas over at my mom’s place. She’s still adjusting from her stay at the hospital, but actually made the Christmas Eve meal of stuffed cabbage roles, potato salad and Christmas pastry. Very good stuff.

What sort of loot did you get? I know Christmas shouldn’t be about the loot. Heart to heart, hand in hand – God bless us everyone and all of that heart warming jazz. But….c’mon even Jesus got some loot on his first birthday. So….what kind of frankincense and myrrh did you get? I was given a gift card for the movie theater, a ticket to go tobogganing at the nearby chalet, two sets of colorful pajamas, some nutmeg & vanilla-scented soap, some mace (one must be careful while dashing through the woods, you know),  a cool canister for making salad dressing, a CD by the band called Spoon, a locket from my mom and other stuff. I actually got a Snuggie for Christmas! A pink Snuggie to be more precise. They’re a bit long, you have to be careful to not trip if you’re walking in one. But I have to say that the one I have has come in handy for when I got a bit chilly at the computer. I have a new pair of pink pajamas, so I put those on the other day with my pink slipper socks and then put on the pink Snuggie. I looked like “a pink nightmare” as they say in “A Christmas Story” when Ralphie reluctantly tries on the bunny costume. But I was comfy and warm without the bunny feet staring up at me. But the biggest surprise gift this season was a gift certificate to get a free, one hour massage at a nearby spa. My mom got it for me, thank you, Mom! I have never had a professional massage. Never. The closest thing to a stranger rubbing my shoulders was when I was working at McDonalds and one of our coworkers liked to sneak up and do that to us. I knew the guy, he wasn’t creepy or anything. But it did startle and annoy me from time to time. But I think I’ll be okay at a spa. I’ll let you know how it went, but I still have to schedule a time. Hopefully I can get it done this week some time.

The rest of the time was spent just being lazy or doing other things that weren’t on any itinerary. I shopped yesterday – had some gift money to spend. The inner child in me wanted to spend the money on a Wii game. But then I started looking at clothes, and knew I needed a pair or two of jeans. My favorite pair was wearing out and unless I dared to wear them a few more times until they suddenly dissolved at the most inopportune time, I figured I should look for some right then and there. After trying on a few I picked out from one wrack, I started getting discouraged and irritated. And then I looked a little farther and found the magic words “relaxed fit” and “slimming”. I bought two pairs after trying them on. They will have to be hemmed, of course, but they feel great otherwise. Oh and I also bought a black sweater. No, I’m not depressed or in mourning. I’ve never had a black sweater, and I liked the way it looked when I tried it on with my jeans. Anyway, that was all for my spending spree until my next paycheck arrives.

Now, if you managed to read through all of that blabberish babble,  it is now time to ask for ideas for January 2010! Eros has already suggested some great ideas! Thank you, Eros! Let the suggestions commence! Actually they’re much more than suggestions, they are the final decision on what we should celebrate. Remember; random, funny ideas are very much appreciated! Birthdays and anniversaries are very much welcome as well!

Here’s a photo of my cat, Skittles, and my mom’s cat Joshua. They don’t get along – Skittles really can’t stand the poor cat. But she was nice enough to share a spot on the window sill with him one day, and I had to capture the moment on camera.


11 thoughts on “Christmas Details and Calendar Ideas for 2010, Please!

  1. It sounds like you had a really nice Christmas! Good to hear.

    I wear a lot of black. It has nothing to do with mood or attitude or anything as interesting as that. I just like the way it looks.

    I have a Jan. birthday…Girlie Girl is 17 on the 4th.

    Here are a few others we could enjoy:

    Hibernation Day
    Blog About One of Your Recurring New Years Resolutions Day
    Show Us Your Closet Day (post a photo of the inside of your clothes closet)

    Happy 2010!!!

  2. Great blog. It’s great to see other blogger who include their animals on the act… my bunnies Perno and Black regularly appear on my blog!

    Post Ideas:

    What’s in your handbag post…
    Top cat care tips…
    Your ‘Top of The Blogs’

    Best wishes for 2010 x

  3. Merry Snuggie Christmas. Sounds like you got a pretty good haul, but I forgot, it’s not about the haul. I got what I enjoy so much…cash. I have plans for it, but not right at this moment.

    Buy a coloring book and crayons (and actually use one on the other)
    Learn a new word and use it in a post
    Look back at your favorite blog post of 2009

  4. i think black sweaters look really classy. I love Spoon. I hope you like the CD. As I’ve written about, I got a little emotional when I had my 1st massage. it was good and I probably needed the release, but I was kind of surprised by how it affected me.

  5. I love Joshua and Skittles together – even if they don’t! Nice pic!!

    Um, ideas for January…

    Ooo, live on less than five dollars/pounds for one day! (hey, everyone struggles a bit in January!)

  6. sounds like a fantastic time, best part is that your mom is better!

    I am a big fan of black clothing. I approve of your black sweater purchase ;)

    I think I’m going to see the new Sherlock Holmes this weekend, that should be fun! otherwise been having a great time, feeling well enough to meet up and see lots of people. Have my sis here as well!

    I mostly got books and clothing for xmas, lots of nice stuff, got a fat book that has the complete cartoons from the New Yorker since 1923. Also got a couple books on pulp fiction art.

  7. Laura B.: I’m happy with my black sweater purchase, it’s a comfy sweater! Thank you for the great ideas again!

    Vicky: Hey there, thank you so much for visiting my blog with your holiday ideas! They are definitely going on the list. I don’t think I’ve been posting enough photos of my cat on here, so maybe I should make that my resolution – more cat photos for 2010! Have a very Happy New Year!

    AlienCG: I like your holiday ideas, especially the one about buying a coloring book and crayons and using them. That will not be difficult!

    Churlita: I listened to a few Spoon songs from that CD and so far I like them! I don’t remember reading that about your massage! Maybe it’ll hit me the same way, I don’t know.

    Tim: Joshua and Skittles send their thanks “across the pond”! I was so happy they stayed still long enough to take a few photos.

    Thank you for the holiday idea!

    Silver: I hope you enjoyed your Christmas too! I can’t wait to get my massage.

    Seb: That’s wonderful that you felt good enough to be able to hit the town! I’m curious about “Sherlock Holmes”, it looks like something I’d like to see. Especially since Robert Downey Jr. is in it.

    Nick: I’m glad you got the card! Thank you so much for sending one to me, I will look for it in the mail! :)

  8. Your Snuggie looks like a great gift for lounging in! I’ve seen something similar advertised as a Slanket! Black sweater and jeans sounds like a great combination, money well spent! Glad you had a good time at your mom’s. My January suggestions are:

    Pets Past – a remembrance day for past pets no longer with us
    Poster Power – what’s your favourite poster?
    Three wishes for 2010

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